Malignant Melanoma preventing AOSB entry?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by dolfinack, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. A similar posting to this has already come up

    but unlike this fella I do know that my mole that was removed was Malignant Melanoma, the nasty bugger. It was gashed out of my back by the surgeon back in Dec 05. I am at the beginning of applying to the AOSB and have just been told by my OTC doc that it'll probably be a kick in the balls for me, and a "sorry, no-chance of a commision son", because surgery was too recent. Nice. Dreams down the shitter.

    Can anyone fill me in on the exact details of how long one needs to be clear of such an operation before AOSB applications can go through?

    (for your information I didn't need chemo or any subsequent treatment, just check-ups, which have all been perfect)

    many thanks
  2. Shit sorry to hear that bud. I cant answer your question though I am afraid. I have a friend who had to deter entry to college in Canada for a year for the same reason it seems to freak out docs.