Malicious complaint to Police

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by firestarter, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. A friend (honest !) has been stopped by the police on suspicion of DUI based on an "anonymous" call.She was perfectly sober and had no problems with them.

    Are such calls really anonymous ? Anytime I have called 999 recently I have noticed my own number being repeated back to me by the system before the operator answers ? Could the original "informant/malicious stitch-up artist " be traced ? ( if the police could be arrsed to do so )
  2. They do try and trace 999 calls so that if you're cut off they can get some sort of response out, or so I was taught in first aid. They can also ring back if you're cut off, so I imagine somewhere in their system your number's written down, which could then be cross-referenced to find out who you were. If they really needed something to justify the tea and biscuits fund.
  3. take it from me mate, the police will not pursue this as a malicious call. Firstly, it may have been the manner of your, er, "friend's" driving giving cause for concern. Secondly, the caller's details are recorded on the system, but would not necessarily be traceable - think about the mobies on pay as you go for example.
    Thirdly, if a call is made, the police do not need a reason to stop someone under RTA 88. They do not need to tell the motorist who supplied the information.

    The only way I see this could be pursued would be if the caller did this persistently. you have telecomms Act offences and/or harassment if a course of conduct was provable.

    hope this helps mate
  4. Cheers for that.I am pretty certain that that her driving did not give rise to this,I expect it to happen again.If the police get a second or third call of this nature directed against the same person (and the result remains the same-wasted police time/inconvenience to the victim),will they take any action ?
  5. That is a very interesting question actually. On the 3rd occasion, I would definitely start to think harrassment, this is a course of conduct amounting to harrassment on behalf of the calller. If I was investigating this, I would be taking a long look at the intelligence system to see if there was a link between the 2 parties. If there is, bingo. I would certainly be talking to the caller to establish what the issue was.
  6. Thanks again.My internal kangaroo-court has already identified the perpetrator,I was just wondering what it would take for the system to bite back if they are stupid enough to persist with this course of action.
  7. If an official complaint is made, police are duty bound to investigate it. Be prepared to back up your facts with evidence though mate, a hunch is nowhere near enough. And could lay you, sorry your friend, open to a counter complaint
  8. The kangaroo court will always remain internal,I have no worthwhile evidence and would not be making any complaint myself anyway.I will not be involving myself further than seeking your excellent advice as to possible outcomes.

    So,"Crimestoppers" isn't really anonymous then ?
  9. Crime stoppers can be anonymous but most reports of suspected drunk driving come via 999 or the local non-emergency number. I got pulled after struggling to get into my car and dropping all my kit on the floor, was parked near a pub at the time - someone phoned the fuzz reporting a drunk trying to drive.
  10. If you phone the police from either a landline or a registered mobile you are obviously traceable. If your harrasser is phoning from a pay-as-you-go mobile the police will have the number and eastings/northings of any call. If that becomes the subject of an enquiry then the cops should be looking to trace the phone itself, hopefuly in possession of the suspect or in his/her house.

    Most forces should have a telephony system which recognises phone numbers previously dialled and which in the event of hoax calls can be flagged for future reference.
  11. Point taken, but if you think my force would go to the time/expense of tracing a PAYG phone for a harrassment case, you are sadly deluded!!
  12. So are you saying that if I put 141 in front of 999 my number can still be traced?

    Or if instead of dialing 999 I call the area command centre which is an 0845 number and put 141 in front of that I can still be traced?
  13. Not sure if it's on all phones but even with withheld caller ID or 141 before dial they knew my number. (Sneaky buggers!) ;-)