Malia (Heraklion) in Crete, What is it like?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by acl, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    The OH booked leave at the 11th hour and looking at the last minute deals I found the above resort. We've never been to Crete so it could be quite a treat, except for the resort's fame of being an Ibiza clone partywise, which we both dislike.

    Questions for the people who've been there:

    1.- What is the place really like?
    2.- How is the so called sandy beaches of the area?
    3.- What type of people go there (teens, adults, families)?
    4.- What is worth visiting? I understand there is the little island of Spinalonga next to Crete which could be a day trip, is it worth doing it?

    I realised not many Travel threads get fast responses but I only have a 24hrs time frame to book this holiday (still undecided) and basically I'd like to know if the place is a sh1thole for chavmongs partying 24/7 or if it's decent enough for normal people.
  2. i've been there. its like a club 18-30 on the cheap. but as its Oct the resort will be dead.
  3. I went to Malia with 16 mates, to be honest if your looking for a bit of peace and quiet I wouldnt stay in Malia!! (in the centre/strip) However just a bit outside the strip in malia, it dies down a bit and it was much more family orientated. The main beach in Malia was alright, had a little island you could swim out to etc. Loads of resteraunts and bars to check out and everything seemed really cheap! Id recommend it but youve been warned about the center of Malia in the early hours!! Oh yeah and theres loads of places to hire quads, it might make it a lot easier to get around , they definately came in handy when we went.
  4. You must have missed the post on horrible places then? I would rate Malia as being amongst one of the most violent places that I've had the misfortune to visit.
    It was popular with released IRA men at one stage.

    Places to visit on Crete?
    Knossos - if you are into old ruins and things
    The Samaria Gorge - but that's a good haul from where you are staying
    Vai Beach is where the Bounty adverts were filmed about 100 years ago
    The White Mountains are worth exploring if you hire a car*
    Books? The Rough Guide to Crete is worth the money
    I usually try and stay anywhere west of Heraklion (Iraklio). Been visiting there for nearly 40 years on and off
    Don't drink Raki (Tsikoudia) it will make you very very ill :lol:
    * If you do hire a car, the cheapest places are in Heraklion. There's one street full of nothing but car rental. Be aware that tyres are not covered by your insurance. Check everything, heater, wipers everything. I have been caught in a snowstorm in the mountains and neither item worked
    have a great time because Crete can be fantastic - and addictive :lol:
  5. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    Cheers to Bonzo Dog for the linky and Moody for the age info.

    Suedehead: We would be staying 2 secs away from the first strip, the reviews say that for it being so close to the strip you hear no noise at all from it, is it true?

    I've been to Ayia Napa and the noise was terrible, I don't mind the noise when clubbing but no when it's next door, 5 in the morning and I can't sleep.

    Thanks again

    Edited to add: Happybonzo I missed the post on horrible places, looking through it now. It's the budget you see, Malia seems dirt cheap ...
  6. To be fair there are 2 strips and the one your on about is a lot quieter. Plus like someone else said in october it will be more chilled out. what company are you going with?
  7. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    We'd be going with but the £174 per person price for 7 days makes me wonder whether we'll be alocated on a holiday from hell but if the first strip is quieter then I'll go for it. Cheers to all for the useful advice.
  8. What I have always done with Greece is to get the cheapest flight that I can. Get away from the Airport and hire a car.
    Then, having an idea of where you want to go, drive there and find a room. Works for me every time.
    If you are getting off an inter-island ferry then you will be besieged by little old Greek grannies screaming "Zimmer frei / rent room" and you have to beat the old dears off with a stick :lol:
    Hopefully, Malia should be OK because the season is really over and the Oinks tend to head for Spain at this time of year.
    Have a good holiday
  9. I first went to malia in 1988 and it was fantastic, quiet and unspoilt.

    Went back in 1999 but stayed in a place a bit further down the coast and visited Malia.

    Fcuk me what a change, the place combines the worst of all the Costas/Ballermann/Tourist rip off places you have ever heard of and then some.

    Unless you and the people with you are all under 25 and are going for a week on the p1ss then don't go.

    Crete is a great place for a holiday but not there.
  10. Went to Heraklion on a pusser's grey war canoe. A short taxi to Malia for a night on the lash. Its like a daily mail reporters stereotype of a classic chavvy 18-30 resort.
    you are going out of season.
    Heraklions really close by for culture/quiet nghts out.
    Its really easy to get a hire car/bus and explore the rest of the island, which is a wonderful place
    enjoy your holiday
  11. IIRC the first time ze germans used paratroopers was in crete?
  12. Wrong. Check out the attack on Fort Eben Emael in Belgium.
  13. No - they were used in the invasion of Belgium and France in 1940.

    The invasion of Crete in May 1941 was the last time they used them - as the first wave got an utter shoeing Hitler decided that it wasn't a sensible idea.