Male Tennis players - Top Sportsmen or girly bat and ball players?

I hear on the news that Andy Murray and some other tennis players have been complaining about "dangerous" conditions...

"The revolutionary council of Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Andy Roddick marched together Wednesday into the office of U.S. Open tournament referee Brian Earley to present its demands. Nadal and Murray had instigated the rebellion, and invited Roddick to come along. They carried no arms, no rackets. Just three tennis players against the world. Once inside, the mutineers told Earley they wanted safer, drier courts.
They had been forced to play on slightly damp hardcourts for about 15 minutes early in the afternoon, thereby risking life and ligaments."

Poor dears - if playing bat and ball is too tough perhaps they should give up their overpaid hobby and join the real world and get a real job.

Fecking girlies....


I heard that the British Olympic swimming team had complained about having to swim in wet conditions. It's dangerous, dontcha know!
Compare and contrast with the Rugby players we'll be seeing on TV over the next 7 weeks....


Tennis has the distinction of being as boring to play as it is to watch. Now if it were played with golf balls instead....
Fucking poofs!
I play tennis under "slightly damp" conditions, AND still manage to remain devilishly stylish.

New balls please!

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