Male Soldier Looking for Female

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by 1070F, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. NO DUFF.
    Any age, size. SE Area. PM me.

    Arrser's that want to take the pi55, save your typing skills for something more interesting. :roll:
  2. mwaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Try cilla if you dont want a bashing.
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Nooooooooooo its open season :wink: what are you really that desperate?
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I may be able to fix you up, if age and size isn't a consideration.

    You never mentioned having a pulse being necessary. I have several prime examples for your perusal in East Anglia that I never quite managed to get Steve Wright framed for.

    PM me for grid reference.

    Sorry, what was the last line you said?
  5. Are things really that bad that you need to ask for any female at all on arrse? Is there not a single female in the SE area, any age or size that you don't repel in real life?

    Perhaps you are gay, but nobody has told you yet.
  6. Has to be a blag, no ones set themselves up on a plate this easy for a long, where do i start?
  7. What do you want one for?

    You didn't specify whether you want to use one for sticking your willy in or just a female for medical experiments in your cellar.

    If its the latter, just buy a Transit van, a bottle of rohypnol and a claw hammer.

    All in all a very bizarre place to come to ask for a female. Everyone knows the only females who frequent this place look like Jo Brand and weight the same as a traction engine....unless that floats your boat?
  8. I think you are being very shallow here. Have you ever been in a meaningful relationship?
    My soul mate is an exciting, adventurous and outgoing person who loves to learn and try new experiences. The joy she derives from doing so makes me joyful, supportive and excited to be around her. She makes me want to learn, experience and share my goals, as well.
    Beyond that, our basic need for someone to care about (and vice versa) is what I hope will be the formula for a long, loving and “meaningful relationship.” (I put that in quotes because without meaning, what else is there, but to share the material pleasantries of everyday life?
    A***** and I know there is much greater fulfillment beyond that. And this is what I hoped for, and perhaps didn’t realize, until my other half appeared with the remaining piece of the puzzle, making this a clearer vision for us both.)
    If ever this relationship fails to live up to the hopes we both have, at a minimum I know I have a dear friend for life…and that’s a great consolation prize!
  9. isnt it very quickly coming upto Operation Winter WRAC?? surely its time to dip you wick into DPM,. must be one or 2 with out huge asses that are worth a squirt??
  10. Make it clearer for me. WTF are you on about?
  11. WAH
  12. Oh, well done. But tell me, was it a wah when you wrote it?
  13. Sorry, it was a cut and paste job. scroll to the last couple of paragraphs.
  14. fair enough, but we're loosing sight of the thread here, theres a target set up ready for the fall, on my marker........................................
  15. It's a ballsey first post!

    What's Duff anyway...?