Male sex drive to blame for wars and football violence, say scientists.

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by radiorental, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. Sex drive is largely dependant on testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels usually mean more aggression. A reason why people mellow as they get older as testosterone drops.
  2. Did you just call my sex drive's pint a ******* poof?
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  3. Yes I ******* did. Is your avatar staring me out?

    The ****.
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  4. Oi **** face ... fry up...Morrisons, Warminster noooowww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sex drive, is that the bit just after the words "get in the ******* van" ?
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  6. It’s all women’s fault. If they put it about a bit more we might be less stressed out. Selfish cows.
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  7. Maybe if men were better at it, women might put it about a bit more.
  8. I work in an office that is about 70% female. You'd think that'd be great but it definitely ******* isn't. The amount of bitching, bullying, feuding and power struggles is unreal; the depths of real hatred that occur are disturbing. Dealing with theses harpies is an ongoing daily headache. Men might be more overtly violent in the sense that their concept of problem solving involves thumping each other, but women are a lot ******* nastier - and take it all a lot more seriously.

    This idea that women 'tend and befriend' is true - but only within their own particular clique, and only until they fall out with each other. Women were well under the thumb for the last few thousand years and had limited opportunities to launch wars. Watch that change as society changes.......
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  9. The male sex drive is also to blame for fat ugly women getting laid.

    Beer is merely Robin to its Batman.

    Brought to you by the good people at The Internet.
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  10. Good observation. I work in an organisation which 3/4 female but there is very little of that going on. I'd say it's down to leadership. We have a female ED but she has completely changed the culture/atmosphere of the place. She won't tolerate any nonsense. Personally I rarely get any crap thrown my way as I scare the living daylights out of some of them! :)
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  11. Women are the problem! A wee slap to remind them of their place and they escalate with a claw hammer!

  12. I'm awesome at it, I always come first. And you can forget that cuddling shit afterwards too, you old-thread-reviving ****.
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