Male Organ and Economic Growth: Does Size Matter*?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by alib, Jul 17, 2011.

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  1. Linky
    So being modestly hung can be good for the economy, go figure. Does being in possession of a tiny todger drive men to excel where as those with an adequate trouserful simply go all slack?

    From the conclusion:
  2. That explains why this country is in the shit then.

    From 1997 until he was booted, It's economy was in the hands of the biggest prick ever!!!
  3. It explains why Africa never bothered getting it's act together. They had better things to do with their time and more-than-adequate means to do it with.

    Now that the US finally has a President with nothing to prove in the trouser department, here's hoping there'll be fewer daft ideas about military support to the civil economy.
  4. The correct reply to "who is that supposed to satisfy?", is me, it need not satisfy anyone else...
  5. I had the great pleasure of spending two years with a significantly larger than average appendage. It's owner has never needed to endure a day of work in his life, due to an even greater bank balance, but has worked for fun anyway! Even more reason to hate him than those fat bastards - I mean delightful lottery winners... Alas he is a bloodly nice bloke too.

    I suspect that the author of the article felt need to excuse his inadequate trouser department by means of an elaborate theory, which could hardly be dispelled without the entire country dropping their trousers...
  6. Barbarella I never knew you were a transsexual? I presume you had the op mid-teens if you only spent "two years with a significantly larger than average appendage"?
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  7. Alas the damned thing didn't take and I have been resigned to a hefty dose of penis envy ever since...
  8. Think yourself lucky. I have penis regret every fucking day!

  9. You knew Andrew Lloyd Webber then?
  10. Why do you? is it the innocent eyes of a 100 virgin Thai boys got you child trafficker!
  11. You know what. You have just become too boring for words to convey. Welcome to ignore.