Male Hormone Cycle

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crabby, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. No, don't be daft

  2. Couldn't care less

  3. Yes of course there is!!!! Now p*** off and leave me alone *sob*

  1. Do you have a hormone cycle? Are there times when all you could put your mood down to are those rampaging hormones?
  2. Not Hormones but FRIDAY NIGHT FEELING is another matter!!

    The need to hear Pete tong/Iron a shirt/Slurp wife beater warmers, is strong where ever you are in the world

  3. I used to have a Raleigh Chopper, which was the very acme of street cred in 1977. I also used to go out with a nurse who owned a uni-cycle and used to ride it around my local beer garden as a pacesetter for our spacehopper races.
    As for a hormone cycle, nope, when plugged into the testosterone measuring "Machismo meter" I always score 11 on the 1 to 10 "Tiger Scale"
    You cant argue with science. :wink:
  4. Found a website on the Male Hormone cycle:

    Hormone cycles

    That's the reason most of us bloke wake up on a morning, with a stiffy :) .

  5. Well I don't know about you lot but when the wife is feeling hormonal for some strange reason I feel like shite, keep waking up with black eyes too :? . Maybe the two are linked somehow................... :lol:
  6. Ancient story...............

    What's the difference between a Vitamin and a Hormone?

    you can't make a Vita.....................min :)
  7. Old... old... old... but my mother liked it :p
  8. Who gives a fcuk?
  9. Just because you're feeling sensitive at the moment it doesn't mean you can take it out on the rest of us...

  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    time of the month luv? :roll:
  11. Haha. One nil.

    Well its okay then. On this subject. Mardy Bum by The artic Monkeys is bob on!
  12. Moody sufferers with her male hormones hense the Des Lynam tasche and 3" lady penis :D

    Maybe if MDN got on his male hormone cycle more often it would reduce the size of his Moooobs!
  13. Then what would you suckle?

    Male hormone cycle is infact a bunch of bollocks, I'm touchy, grumpy, arkward and obnoxious all the month round.

    In retaliation to caits pop at me: Who was the blonde who asked me if cheese was lighter when it was grated? 8O 8O
  14. Mmmm Moobies.

    Your just p.issed because your hormone cycle got a puncture and you started menstruating from your bottom.
  15. RTFQ


    I'm sorry, I seem to have wondered into a Victims of Male Rape forum instead of a military humour one. Fecking hormones, there's no such thing and anyone suggesting otherwise should be slapped. They're like headaches and ME and female orgasms and In Laws: they're just made up by women to keep men guessing. the only cycle most women need is a fricking exercise cycle.