male contraceptive???

taken from bbc news site: 8O 8O

Male contraceptive '100% effective'

Part of the treatment is given by injection
Scientists have developed a male contraceptive which was 100% effective and side-effect free in trials.
The hormonal treatment is a combination of an implant under the skin and injections - meaning men do not have to remember to take a pill every day.

Researchers from the Anzac Research Institute, Sydney, Australia, gave the treatment to a relatively small sample of 55 men for a year - and none of their partners became pregnant.

However, it will be some time before the treatment is widely available.

We welcome any advance in contraception, and particularly those that broaden the options for men to take responsibility

Liz Davies, Marie Stopes International
The treatment is a combination of an implant containing the male sex hormone testosterone, which was replaced every four months, and a three-monthly injection of a progestin, a hormone used in female contraceptive pills.

The reversible treatment works by making use of the body's own natural system which is involved in initiating puberty.

The combination of the two hormones temporarily turns off the normal signals from the brain that stimulate sperm production.

But the process also turns off the man's own testosterone production - so he needs to be given extra doses of the hormone to keep him healthy and maintain his sex drive.

In the study, none of the couples used any other form of contraception, and no serious side effects were seen.

Once the treatment was stopped, normal fertility levels returned within a few months.

would any of you actually be willing to do this? im not sure if i would be :?
sorry if this has already been mentioned somewhere else but im a lazy git and couldnt be bothered to check :twisted:
I certainly would, I have been up for the chop for years but my missus doesnt want me to. A reversible method would be right up my alley (not literaly).
Where do I sign
lol. i suppose i never looked at it from that perspective. in that case i think its a good idea, but would many young lads do such a thing?
The problem with hormonal implants is one can have bad side-effects and you cant easily remove them so you have to suffer until the effects wear off which could be months.

At least with a pill you can stop taking it and the effects can wear off in a few days.

Proceed with caution!


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How about a poll on - would any woman be gullible enough to trust a bloke who says "don't worry, I'm on the 'jab' " ?
Hahaha - NO! :D
if you're a women surely you would not rely solely on the fact a bloke was on 'the pill' you know what they're like they'd forget to take it....

if you were a man who wanted to make sure you didn't produce babies, crack on, use the pill but you'd still forget to take it!!!

Be honest!!! :?


Men are already getting too many female hormones through the water supply as it is! :roll:
If we women are going to start getting male hormones through the water supply we might as well all give up!
This injection would only be useful in longterm relationships anyway as it wouldn't protect from the nasties that circulate through unprotected sex.
I think we should be trying to move away from interfering with our bodies' hormonal and chemical balance; not go further down the pharmacutical route.


viagra , cialis and levitra mmmmmm all erection pills , another example of intering with the human body ? or a help ? mmm jury is still out

however ive heard of cialis being taken purely for leisure purpose especially in france it called "Le weekend" :wink: cos it last for 36 hour lol
Typical aint it...... the injection for women makes ya fat but the one for the blokes dont :evil:
Get the missus to be chopped up - mine volunteered off her own bat, which was sporting of her. No further problems at all. No BJs, though.
but wouldnt ya feel like a t*t tellin ya mates your on the pill?? :D
This jab thing could be a good thing.

My missus doesn't like the pill or jab 'cos of the medical effects on her, and rubber rain hats are for untrusting relationships (if you see what I mean :wink: ), so I feel i should do something - plus the fact I utterly detest children!!!!

I don't care about getting fat - I'm already there, and the snip option is hard work. You try getting the snip at the age of 35 with no kids - it just ain't happening.

I'll be in the queue for the jab. Just don't try and give me a smear test 8O


I had my snip in Germany as a singly - impossible in UK. Just confirmed to doctor that I had a serious relationship, girlfriend didn't like the pill etc., and that we didn't want to breed.

If you are now ex-forces, you could go privately - it's a day-case procedure so not expensive. PM me if you want the hospital's details.
Almost want to be anon on this but male contraception....

One little sperm said to the other
'How far to the ovaries?'
The other replied
'Don’t know we only just passed the tonsils!'

Now that's smut!!!

Shame on me!!!!


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