Male cadets with long hair.

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Bisley, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. Have seen several examples this weekend. Lads with hair tied up in buns, mincing around camp. What the FCUK is going on? What are your opinions? :evil:
  2. msr

    msr LE

    ACF: A youth movement with a military ethos.

    Not the Hitler Youth.

  3. Oh come on I know its not service but short back and sides alround shorely?
  4. Well the ACF does have a reputation for scruffyness. Not like the ATC, an air cadet would be given the shove for refusing to have short hair.

    GayCF is more appropriate in this case
  5. Oh dear. the junior service are getting above themxelves.

    Sonny, there are many examples in all the cadet forces of less than adequate turnout. It ain't exclusive to any one of them, it's simply lack of leadership.
  6. No cadet service has the monopoly on scruffiness or any attribute for that matter. necks are needin a' windin methinks
  7. I agree with MSR. The Army Cadets is a youth movement, not a child militia.
  8. Unable to remember when I have seen any British Military Ethos engendered organisation with young men wearing their hair in buns. The only exception I can think of might be undercover work but I don't think UKSF recruit that young.
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The long haired one might have been a 'girl'.

    Whilst I agree that the ACF is not a militia or the Hitler Youth it does have standards and should insist on its members adhering to them. That means that chaps have shortish hair and chappesses (is that how you pluralize 'chappess'?) don't wear excessive make up and more than one earing in the centre of thier ear lobes.

    Them as don't want to follow those rules should seek a different pass time.
  10. Short hair only in my lot (CCF)!
    Those turning up with luxuriant locks are given one warning. Next time it's off to change back into school uniform. If they want to wear the queen's uniform then they play by the rules or not at all.

    As Harry says, its down to poor leadership and you do see some cadets (from all the cadet services) looking like 70s throwbacks. I must say, though, that in general the ATC do seem a smarter lot.
  11. I remember photos of my Corps at school in the 60's (CCF mind - the real budding officer corps :D ) and every one has long flowing tresses. Smart brushed berets, pressed trousers and shiny boots but also long hair.

    What's the beef? Long hair is not a leadership issue - its pretty ancillary. When popular culture is long haired as it is now, you should expect it in the youth organisations.

    If they enjoy the training and look smart, why not try and see through the hair?
  12. GET YOUR FCUKING HAIR CUT!!! Cadets are in our uniform, representing our organisation at the most basic of levels and that means when you join you adhere to certain rules.

    Get them to cut their hair or sack em!!!!
  13. I don't allow long hair on males in my detachment, if they're wearing British Army uniform they should at least attempt to look smart, and longish hair on lads just doesn't look good in uniform.

    I don't believe that the ACF has a reputation for scruffyness any more so than any other uniformed youth organisation. Crab Cadet should have taken a look at some of the ATC at Colts the other weekend. And don't get me started on some of the CCF (sorry RedRabbit). I thought the 'Hair Bear Bunch' had entered a team, lol.

    Joking aside, long hair or scruffy turnout is not restricted to anyone organisation more than another. It's down to the standards of the Detachment/Squadron/Unit Commander to have high standards of turnout themselves and to instil those standards in their cadets.

    And though we are not a 'Hitler Youth' organisation surely we should do our best to ensure our cadets adhere as much as possible to dress regulations. There are elements of the Army and TA who don't take us seriously as it is. Lets not make matters worse by giving them any more ammunition.
  14. A'men Barbie!
    well said sister!

  15. Crab Cadet...grow up.