Malcolm Tucker

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gaz_ED, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Is Malcolm Tucker, off The Thick of It, an ex drill-pig?

    Here's one of his quotes....

    Nicola Murray: My family is off limits, alright? This job is not going to get anywhere near my husband and my kids. Just doesn't.
    Malcolm Tucker: Of course it f*cking does, as per the wee bar code and the serial number under your right armpit you are now built and owned by this state and you're under the spotlight 24 hours a day, darling! You know what you are? You're a fu*king human dart board. And Eric f8cking Bristow's on the oche throwing a million darts made of human sh8t right at you!

  2. He did the following:

    Perhaps he did a some in-depth research with our senior service brothers (and sisters )?

    Have to say, cracking show and well worth watching.
  3. Malcolm excellent retorts and verbal outbursts are provided by Armando Iannucci. Despite the Italian name, he's as Jock as they come. He once shared a school desk with Billy Connolly if that helps.

    There's a million Malcolm Tucker retorts that are a book in their own 'write'.
  4. I know, I'd already Wiki'd Armando and the whole writing crew of the series, but none have any first-hand military experience(?), so I looked at Peter Capaldi, as I remember somewhere that AI gives his actors some room for Ad lib and/or artistic licence.
  5. I cannot look at the sanctimonius Alastair Campbell on TV without seeing his alter ego - Malcolm Tucker.
    Tucker is an RSM's wet dream, with his ruthless un-PC verbal explosions - " He's so fcuking dense, light bends around him" Classic!
  6. One of my favourite Tuckerisms:

    "You sure you're working as hard as I am, 'cause I'm sweating spinal fluid here! "
  7. Malcolm Tucker: [on the phone to Glenn] Are you producing porno now for the visually impared?
    Glenn Cullen: What?
    Malcolm Tucker: Because what's happening here on the radio is Nicola Murray getting roundly fucked. What is it, bukake at bedtime?

    The Chat show interview episode, arguably the funniest episode of the last series.

    Loads of Malcomnisms Here
  8. Malcolm Tucker: Do you know what's really f*cking sad here is that I don't have the energy to pretend I already knew. Which is for the best, because I'm gonna need all of my f*cking energy to f*cking rip all of your bodies to bits with my bare hands and sell off, yes, sell off your f*cking flayed skin as a sleeping bag to a f*cking normal person!
  9. There needs to be a 'Tucker Book of Quotes' published for Christmas!

    Fcuk, it's February and I'm already thinking of fcuking Christmas!
  10. A swearing porridge wog emperor of the highest order.

    A world leader in profanity, not even Roger Melly can touch him.

  11. The man has elevated swearing into an art form. It's actually beautiful.

    Tucker to American official: "I'm going to limit my swearing, because I know you don't like that sort of thing. You F star star c u n t".

  12. “Just f ucking do it! Otherwise you’ll find yourself in some medieval war zone in the Caucasus with your arse in the air, trying to persuade a group of men in balaclavas that sustained sexual violence is not the f ucking way forward!” (Trying to make the U.N. Ambassador obey him)
  13. From the film In The Loop, Tucker responds to a snooty PR woman who is insisting that pre-booked appearances are within her 'purview':

    In The Loop

    For those not video enabled:

    "Purview? We're not in some regency costume drama. This is a f*cking Government Department not a f*cking Jane Austin novel. Well, allow me to pop a little jaunty bonnet on your purview and ram it up your sh*tter with a lubricated horse'd c*ck."
  14. Biggest chuckle is at the end: 'She's married? Poor b@stard!'
  15. IIRC, I am sure I read it somewhere.

    The script is 'edited' by a 'swearing consultant' who lives in Sheffield (?).

    So all the good stuff gets added by him. The thespians still ad lib it a bit mind.