Malaysia bans sex manual for obedient wives


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I fail to see what is Un-Islamic about reading a book promoting being subservient to your husband at all times, never daring to refuse him sex under fear of a beating, and always doing whatever perverted or degrading act he so choses. After all, wasn't that why the Boss included that part in the original text? To avoid any 'I've got a headache' moments?
The Malay-language book titled "Islamic Sex" is not available in shops but is believed to have been read by hundreds of members of the club formed this year by a small Malaysian Islamic sect that practices polygamy.
So let me get this right - their women never refuse sex, are totally subservient, will let you do anything you want to them and you're allowed to keep as many of them as you want?!!!

Excuse me one moment <clears throat> Allah-hu-Akbar!


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And don't forget, they get around the tricky issue of prostitution by having 'temporary marriages' and then 'divorces', making it perfectly acceptable.

Whats not to like eh? Apart from the absence of bacon sarnies and booze (a lot of people sack that one though).
Obedient wives. You've got to kidding. No such thing. They are with unicorns and other things that don't exist.

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