Malaya - Counter Insurgency Intelligence.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ironr4tions, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. Good citizens of Arrse, I'm just about to start my MA dissertation which is centred around how we (UK plc) did counter insurgency intelligence in Malaya, what lessons we learned, and whether we applied them in Iraq (2003-) and Afghanistan. Any sensible contributions are welcome, I'm interested in any gems of literary sources, or even interested parties to interview. By way of background, I'm a serving Soldier, about to pick up WO2, so please don't recommend the communist party of Malaya for a chat!

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  2. Not sure about sources, but in human int the Malayan Police Special Branch led the way, apparantly they were brilliant at turning terrorists and recruiting them as sources. The were also pulled into Borneo during confrontation to apply their skills among the Chinesse population there. There may be an 'old boys' association in UK that you can contact. The Colonial Police guys were not your UK plod.
  3. Try the Library at Sandhurst, they have loads of sources. You may not be able to borrow books though. I used them when I had to do my disertation for my degree.
  4. Some very resourceful methods were used, it is a rich area for research. I'm sure you already know about it but one operational method was to establish control of a 'kampong' (village) and set up shop! with locals selling provisions on their be-half etc. How very British. Then communist guerriallas would come and buy flour etc and the Brits would eaves-drop on their conversations with locals, I have read even laid up underneath the 'shop'. May well have been a one-off situation but has been recounted many times.
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  6. Brunel University by any chance?
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  7. A lot of Special Branch guys in Malaya were former Palestine Police. Several of the old Malaya SB hands did a good job in Borneo.
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  9. Reviving a (close enough) existing thread rather than starting a new one.

    Fascinating film library here. Colonial Film Catalogue.

    This propaganda film caught my attention. The Knife. The days when CT's were unashamedly "sorted". Worth a watch, even if just for gats and kit. Owen SMG?
  10. I4R - you've no doubt finished and passed your MA by now, but if of any interest I have some photos of my father in Malaya doing various things of interest - he learned Chinese during the war and then joined the Colonial Service, being seconded to the Police in '48. Ping me a mail if interested. T23