Malaria in Afghanistan

The MO has just told the Regiment that we will all have to take anti-malarial drugs for the upcoming Op HERRICK, according to my rough guide, however, there is only a malaria risk in the *North* of the country. My instinct is to avoid taking the drugs because of the well known (and in my case, experienced) side effects of Mad Larry. The Govt website says that the risk is more in the rainy season but virtually nil for the time period that we are deploying (Christmas).

If anyone has any first hand experience of Southern Afghanistan in the winter I would be glad of any advice. :)
IMHO your MO is taking the correct stance! Unless your in a position to dictate where you will be deployed it is best to cover all reasonable contingencies! You may well find yourself somewhere where you were told you were not going to be. This Government tends to do that.
The malaria risk is low, but there have been cases amongst troops returning. If you genuinly cant take larium, then speak to your MO about an alternate regime. Medical advice will always ere on the side of caution, so I would take the tablets
I took Larium in Sierra Leone, great bit of kit, my hallucinations didnt kick in until I came home, thanks to it though, the malaria didnt kick in at all.
use them as suppositories.
Malerone and larium have some nasty side effects, ask your MO about Doxycycline, i take this for Nigeria and suffer no side effects, malerone just F**kS me up.
Doxycyclines good for the clap too (Or so I'm led to believe....) Mind you the chances of clap on Herrick are remote unless you get dry bummed on Al Jazeera...

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