Malala Yousafzai

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You must be greatly relieved.

So often, PPE can be a pathway in to a political career.

The Army is so much more honourable*.

*except the Monkeys obviously. Disown tbe little twat if he joins them.
Too soon to say. His longer term plans used to involve a switch to the FCO (or FCDOff).


That would be brilliant, exploding heads all over the place.
Good luck to her, she is obviously a very bright young woman and I hope she doesn't stray from the common sense path that she has taken thus far.

Couldn't resist:cool:
Plantymajor was offered a place at Oxford, I subscribed to the in house magazine 'Cherwell' for familiarisation.
All I can say us, I think PM dodged a bullet (no pun intended).
Wasn't ex Grauniad Editor, Rusbridger, Principal of LMH where young Mala attended?
Knowing some staff (and their leanings) on the editorial side of Cherwell, I'd be extremely surprised if she ventures away from the official indoctrination.

Well done to her.

Do us a favour though love - don't you ever hold your little finger up and tell us how evil, racist etc etc Britain is.
She can get back to the main effort of nagging people in free countries.
Will she get a job paying enough to pay back the costs of her house & 24hr armed police protection that she’s had since she’s been here?
Also, her father is a knob. He gets in the back of the police car & says “drive” like they’re his personal chauffeurs.
Nobel peace prize? Let's see, you either have to be a sort of black but not as we know it wannabe president or get shot in the head...
I'll stick to my collection of swimming competency sew on badges, in yards obviously.

Yards, it's what the yoof call ends now innit.

Throw in prison time and you'll be president before you know it.
Too soon to say. His longer term plans used to involve a switch to the FCO (or FCDOff).
Well I wish him all the best.
The FCO can be an interesting place, the few ex mil FCO chaps I've met seem to have gone via the SC route.

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