Malala Yousafzai

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jemadarjo, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. Not been given a safe Labour seat yet ??? I have seen comment that some of her co- religion see her as a Western stooge.
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  2. I had an interesting conversation with a Pakistani friend recently, when I mentioned her. He and his wife were quite opposed to the whole concept of her. I have to be honest - they cited lots of things about the region I have absolutely no idea about, also about the politics of the region. They really do not think very much of her publicity.

    @BarcelonaAnalPark - any opinion on this please? My personal opinion (which could be wrong) is that she is the product of realpolitik PR, and, from what little I have paid attention to things to do with her, I find her rather arrogant, with an elevated opinion of herself.
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  3. Bearing in mind that Malala was a child, shot in the head whilst travelling to school, by a Taliban fighter because of what she represented; female emancipation.

    Because she got dined out quite heavily by the Western media as a reason for fighting against the Taliban, she has become fair game for sad act Islamists who don't feel any shame about criticising her or what she represents. I don't know if it is still the case, but she did get some police protection whilst living in the UK because of the threat to her from Islamists who were deemed to still be a credible threat to her life.

    I've got no opinion about her, she could be a stone cold c unt for all I care, but the education of women is the strongest weapon against Islamists and the backward peasant mentality which is a curse on humanity. It's a disgrace that this child has to be protected in the UK before she dared to stand up to backward, theocratic nazis, in a country with such a vocal and energetic feminist and anti-fascist movement.
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  4. Was she not moved from Birmingham to Cardiff for persec reasons? Cambridge finest now have the CP problem.
  5. No idea, I haven't followed the circus to be honest but I do regularly get exposed to opinions about her from around the bazaars. She represents didn't things to different people; rarely as a child who got shot in the head by a monster, representing the worst of humanity.
  6. As far as I'm concerned Malala is OK. Girl wants to go to school, jihadi motherfcuker wants to stop her, count me in on the girl's side.

    Nobel Peace Prize? She won it; she deserves it. First one who ever has.

    I'll throw down for her any time, any place.

    Freedom. Worth it. It's what we're here for.
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  7. We have an energetic virtue signalling movement. If to criticise one fashionable minority would reflect badly on another, they don't want to know.
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  8. True if she was in Pakistan, just remember Benazir Bhutto Benazir Bhutto - Wikipedia
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  9. Meet me at the Tesco parking lot in Wick tonight at 2200 then.
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  10. He's been on here for 10 years; posted for the first time last week.

    I wonder what his other account name is?
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  11. I was going to post in her defence, but then I saw how you'd cunningly changed her name from Malala to Malaria, and I had to bow down to such rapier-like wit! I mean the words sound similar, and she's brown and malaria is a nasty disease that mostly affects brown people! Bravo sir, I could never compete intellectually with such fine mind as yours, I shall gracefully bow out now.
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  12. The long and the short of it.
  13. Slightly digressing the old helicopter company I worked for, wanted lucrative contract with the Pakistani MoD to service their Puma fleet. Needless to say the air attache from their embassy with a minister (not their defence minister) plus his entourage turned up at our airport. The usual BS presntations followe then management were w(h)ning and dining the entourage at ............a posh curry restaurant in town. It had me and my colleagues in laughter with the irony of entertaining Pakistani mil and gov officials in an Indian curry place.

    If I am correct isnt this lass offered a place at Oxbridge to study last I read?

    All the best to her

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  14. Yes, Aung San Suu Kyi was long Mother Teresa Mk2 to the pinko left and BBC. Recent terrible events have now thrown said mind sets into headless chicken mode. Even Buddests are now in the dog house. I wonder if this statement is as much to do with Malala's and her handlers political agenda?
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