Malala Yousafzai

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jemadarjo, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. Now that Malala is over 18, surely she doesn't need her entire extended family here to 'care for her'. Have they gone back to Pakistan yet?
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  2. probably can make a good case of being a target for the taliban and can support themselves
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  3. I'd like to think that she wouldn't want her parents around during Freshers' Week when she'll be boozing her tits off and shagging like a rabbit with a death wish.
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  4. Not if she goes to Somervile College, the alma mater of Maggie Thatcher. I stayed there once, whilst working for the University-its a real sh**hole, although to be fair, its probably more than suitable for young Malaria!
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  5. Give it,......oooooohh, .... Maybe 8 to ten years, what with all the foot traffic from her part of the world and she will be an MP, or have a high profile job with the UN. A bit like William Hague with his career kicking off because he spoke at the conservative conference as a yoof.
  6. Just like being back home then.
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  7. But the difference between Lord William Hague and Malaria, is that he married a really pretty looking lady, and could have been the best Prime Minister we never had if he had stuck to being Leader. Whereas Malaria must have hit every cobble and rock in the road when the Tehrik-i-Taliban gunman missed his target and hit her brain instead causing no damage at all, except to make her even more ugly!
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  8. But she will be, remember you read it here first. Maybe she will marry a good looking cricketer as a trophy husband.
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  9. Might as well. It's not as if there isn't already a double first with her name on it in the Vice-Chancellor's desk drawer.
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  10. nice guy

    nice guy On ROPs

    There is a rather un PC word for what the British Government is doing to this foreigner Mala Yousafai its called Grooming, its a very routine way that Britain maintains a lever with foreign countries, we have seen it for decades now where foreign future heads of state go to Oxbridge or Sandhurst, this person is no different, the British Government is simply hedging its bet that she will one day lead Pakistan, it makes me want to vomit.

    As an aside I see she has made it her business to intervene in British domestic issues recently, by sticking her Beak in the Brexit vote at that Jo cox rally, that went well for her didn't it?
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  11. Definitely being groomed all the signs are there with the appearances and interviews.
  12. I read her book; I quite like the lass. I think she's very brave.

    I wouldn't hump her though.
  13. She isn't going anywhere till I see her on Celebrity Big Brother, I want my tax monies worth. I want to see her getting fingered by some reprobate from 'Made in Chelsea'
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  14. Then it's a very poor short-term investment. She'd be taken out within months. It's Pakistan, after all.
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