Makita or dewalt 18v

Probably each to their own but I thought I'd ask.
I'm looking at a new power tool pack. Around the £700 mark. I have 2 options. A dewalt 18v xr pack or the Mikita equivalent
I have only used dewalt in the past but my mate raves about Makita
Does anybody use the Makita 18v tools on a daily basis? If so any pros or cons?
Cheers guys

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DeWalt is the ultimate professional tool. Some people think you are paying just for the name, but they are extremely robust and tolerate the daily usage on shitty building sites.

However, if you are not a daily user on a shitty building site is there really the need to go to that level? If you're the average DIYer (or even an every weekend lunatic DIYer) and generally look after your kit, the makita will serve you just as well.

I doubt you'd notice the difference.
Makita for me. did have some trouble with a keyless chuck getting sloppy but the one I have now is 2yrs old no problems. Batteries seem the best for life and charging.
Walk onto any building site and they will mostly be using DeWalt. The problem is that some of the less popular names like Makita do make very good kit. So really, it comes down to the spec and what sort of deal you can get. Makita is good.

Don't rule out Bosch professional tools either. I do very little on the tools these days but most of my gear was Bosch. It's just as good as DeWalt, some say better but again, look for the deals.
DeWalt is just a sturdy range made by ............Black & Decker.
Picked a good name eh?

If you are spending £700 or even considerably less there is only one choice......


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I used to work for a damp proofing company and we wouldn't use anything else. Used all day, everyday. You get exactly what you pay for with those bad boys.
I use Makita drills and they are good bits of kit, not had an issue with them in the two years I've had them.

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DeWalt is just a sturdy range made by ............Black & Decker.
Picked a good name eh?

If you are spending £700 or even considerably less there is only one choice......


The god of power tools.
I used to work for a damp proofing company and we wouldn't use anything else. Used all day, everyday. You get exactly what you pay for with those bad boys.
HILTI are shit hot tools.

anyone who ever uses one will never look back
Dingerr. I'm a service engineer so ill be using them everyday I do quite a lot of work onsite,so could do with hard working kit. I've used dewalt all my life and thinking I will probably upgrade to the new 4ah kit packs

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It sounds like your mind is more or less made up.

The problem is that if you now buy any of the other brands and they're not absolutely perfect, you'll chastise yourself forever and a day.

I've just had a quick look on screwfix. Theres a very negative review regarding Makita and their 18v batteries. (dewalt 5 piece kit £829)
Dewalt was good, or better said Elu was, until Dewalt bought them out. the lower end/ mid range stuff is DIY shoite, steer clear.

If you want a serious drill-driver for interior work, get a Pansonic, big outlay, but 5 yrs plus. A Makita 1,3 -3 amp will cost 150-250 quid and is also top for a 3 yr daily use. Many seem to forget that wacking in 160 mm Spax daily is not seen as the manufacturors " daily use", sort of 40-50 mm being the norm.

Festo is the tooling for Kings, my jig and circular are 17 yrs old, cut like the first day. The Drill-drivers however, are only suited to careful owners doing internals.

its like everything in life, you get what you pay for, but weigh up if you need a 500 quid Driver for 10 screws a day, or for 1000. As a general rule, if you are using it yourself as Self-employed, it ll last forever, if you re buying it for your Employees, it doesnt matter how good it is, they ll **** it sooner or later!


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dewalt is substandard out of date. the only reason they went 18v for their power tools was they couldn't get decent motors at the price they wanted to pay. the old 12 and 14v stuff was elu and they knew what they were doing. black and decker are the BAE of the tool world. the tools which are good is the stuff designed and built in the 80's with a fancy yellow rebranding. they needed a big show van and lots of giveaways to get the guys to buy it, the dealers push it as they get good discounts. and lads tend to buy what they see around them which was the idea.

draper are doing the same in ruining good brands like metabo and elektra beckum.

my 12v festo used to piss all over them and last year still did and its 16 years old. I knew the buyer for a huge place in leeds and he used to tell me their return rates and opinions. every dewalt tool bar one (which is an old design combi saw) has gone back and been changed for something else because it was cheaply made. they even managed to ruin possibly the best 1/2 inch router on the planet.

makita is good solid kit and there are a few others which are worth a look while being fair in price. hitachi stuff works well and can be good value. I like aeg/atlas copco/milwaukee stuff but others dont. panasonic is robust and powerfull but not cheap.

I had a play with just about everything last year, the lads I was with were site joiners more than fitters and had the multi bags where you buy 5 tools and get three batteries or so. the hitachi ones seemed to work best followed by the makita when it came to driving constant heavy load skilsaws, jigsaws and grinders. the dewalt stuff I saw wasn't going to be replaced and I could buy it off them if I wanted. bosch has one or two good things in the wired tools line but for cordless their batteries are pretty crap.

a lot depends on what you are going to be doing. I'm still more than happy with 12v but I'm not on the tools all day anymore.
I have been in the hire trade since the 90s and work at a high level with purchasing/servicing/repairs.

dewalt cornered the market due to been the first power tool company to bling up tools along with the first battery charger stroke radio made them the tools to be seen with on site. In reality most of the tools were poor except the wood working kit as they had brought elu who were the mutts nuts for saws. dewalt cordless kit were always let down by poor quality batteries. Having said that the new kit is exceptional especially the new 4.0 battery powered kit and the new electric first fix gun will cause paslode salesmen some sleepless nights.

Makita tools are very, very good but much like the ford of power tools. The 18v lxt range is very good in price, durability and scope. The kit is well engineered and thought out. We run a lot and I mean a lot of it - we have not experienced much negative feedback.

Both companies are doing very tempting deals at the moment - I really think its a case of customer preference, the kits too close in spec and performance to call if you have a leaning to either side.

Hilti is good kit, it's expensive and works well. The problem is that once it edges over 2-3 years old it the costs start to spiral.

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