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As Asslt Pnr Pl Comd in my Bn, 1 quick question on the Makita Kit As a Train the User Qualified does this apply to the 3 Bran Spanking Shiney New Chainsaws I have. i.e Can I train my lads on the Chainsaws or do they still have to disappear off to some forestry commission block and get the relevant Forrestry Commison Block Qual.

As a train the user I can and have trained the lads on the rest of the kit but the chainsaws weren't on my course...... If I can train the lads it could get messy and I might need a new Pl........... :oops: :oops:

With regard to the makita chainsaw the blokes will have to do the relevant civvy qualification. The same applies for the PDC, you have to go on a course run by Makita before you can even touch it.
Axeman said:
Yep, Yater is correct. There are 3 modules to for the chainsaw. 2 are basic and are for every user, the last is more advanced and deals with wood over the length of the blade and hung up trees. All told the whole lot costs about £1000, which the Queen must stump up to a civvi accredited instructor.
Ohh great deep joy can really see the TA stumping up that!!!!!
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