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Making your own jacketed bullets

I got to looking at the Corbin website yesterday while I was thinking about the woefully inconsistent and/or woefully expensive jacketed bullet offerings around this side of the North Sea at the moment and I got to thinking about whether it will be worth investing in Corbin equipment and making my own.

Since it would be useful to be able to recoup some of the cost of the tooling, I was wondering if anyone would have any interest in HXP-type 303 Mark 7 projectiles, i.e. without the nose filler, should I ever manage to tool up to make them.

Also, does anyone have a technical drawing (with measurements) of the Mark 7 projectile, or am I going to have to scrounge a few and measure them carefully?


The Pattern Room Collection at the Royal Armouries can help as can the REME collection and I suspect a few more. I needed the drawings for the rear sight on the No1 Mk V, just the slider and the pattern room chas sent me photocopies in the post!


I think you can e mail the Royal Armouries via their website! Put a bit of play on historic interest etc!
I actually spoke to the Late Herb Woodends assistant on his recommendation. We were members of the same club!

I've also just realised how much I would have to drop to do this. Rather a lot...

I rather like the idea of making 224-diameter bullets from spent 22 LR cases. You can setup to do that for under 1000 dollars which would pay for itself in something of the order of 5000, which is still a lot but is a lot more reasonable.

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