making your own car

If you had a bit of time and money and a good shed what would you fancy knocking together as a hybrid?
we've all liked some cars but thought hold on it's got a shit engine I'd like to change it...well what about this one?
27ltr 1000 bhp merlin engine
with my skills it would look something like this.



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I've always fancied an old Fiat 500 with a big superbike engine in the back. Someone has actually beaten me to it unfortunately, I've seen it and it can do wheelies.

My cousin is into mad shit like this and cruises around in a shortened fiat 126 that he built.

I remember seeing a copy of Autocar magazine from the 1980s where some maniac had managed to fit a Rover 3.5 lump into an Hillman Imp.
I remember reading a write up in Custom Car magazine about that beastie it was feckin impressive.

For a more handmade approach how about the Splinter designed and built by Joe Harmon as his university project. The non-mechanicals are mostly made of wood:

on reading the article it appears a specialist fixed him up with a custom autobox.
could you imagine taking that into kwik-fit and asking them to sort out the nest of exhaust pipes?
I did hear that the owner had a bit of fun with it on the Deutsche Autobahns.

Love to know the insurance group.


Was that not the motor that originally had a Rolls-Royce grill on it until RR got all pissy and threatened to sue the owner?
Reminds me of a plumber who, a few years back, turned a RR Siver Shadow into a pick up truck for work. Same thing, RR had total sense of humour failure and threatened the bloke with the legal heavy mob.


There's an old Volvo 240 running around here. Looks like a typical granny mobile. I was sitting next to it at the lights one day and when the lights went green it took off like a dog shot in the arse.

Turns out it's got a fairly warmed up 350 Chev in it.


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I actually like that FIAT and would drive it around, (theres no fool like an old fool)
Women absolutely love it. He buys and sells exotic stuff, Ferraris, Maseratis etc. so usually has something decent kicking around, but he always has more success in that.
No point me owning that car,
because as far as the women are concerned these days..I need my friggin engine replaced.

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