Making your own Bluetooth Sniper rifle.

Want that celebrities phone address book?

Read on.........

Watching the news these past few weeks, you would think that hackers have taken over our cellphones. From the Paris Hilton phone hack (which was not Bluetooth-based), to the unintentional release of Fred Durst's (from the band Limp Bizkit) sex video - Wireless security has been thrust into the limelight. The proliferation of Bluetooth devices has made wireless communications easy and the Bluetooth group wants you to believe that this technology is safe from hackers. However, the guys from Flexilis, a wireless think-tank based in Los Angeles, beg to differ and they have a big freakin gun to "voice" their opinions.
One question - How do you construct a 'gumstix computer'? Only it answers another question I have, and if anyone can give me a techie heads up, it would be appreciated.
It's a readymade device. All you need is a program to download into and power. The program need only be a few lines of code, telling the computer to copy the target phones entire contents and store it on the memory.
Is there a readymade device out there, small, with 2 USB slots?

Or is anyone out there a dab hand with PCB's and a soldering iron?
Electrical Engineer. You tell me exactly what you want, either a circuit diagram or pcb design/board, and a net list (list of components and values), and I'll try and build it for you. Just finished making a satellite tv decoder from scratch, so this shouldn't be a problem :lol:
Thanks Big J . I'll get a spec over to you as soon as I've done a bit more genning up :)
Shock horror!!

PTP is going to read your posts before you submit in order to streamline the moderating process. Don't be afraid, be very afraid. :roll:
Buggeration , FAS has seen through me evil plan.

Think I'd need a Bluetooth AS90 to hit your box from here though :)

Mr. C , that's the bit I'm interested in.

I need something that has a PCB, a bluetooth transmitter, and can use a flashcard of up to 512mB storage. I should also be able to upload content to the device via BT. Unit should also be capable of running off Nicad recharge AND 12v DC.

So in other words, an ultra small computer (sub PDA) , inexpensive with big storage and Tx facilities.

Can such a beast be built?
Seems like you're trying to over-engineer your solution here. Why do you need such storage? How many people's Bluetooth do you want to store at any one time? You're gonna have to get somewhere well busy and, to be honest, you'll attract plenty of attention! I also don't see why a PDA wouldn't be any good? Seems to fit on all but size really.
Just what do you plan?? Hmmmmm.
The same as always Pinky , to take over the world. :D

I have a plan, but it does rely on an ultralight device that can do the job of a pda, we can sack the screen for a start
PTP - you can transmit to the PDA with Bluetooth! Or would that confuse things and you'd end up in a loop where you zapped info, tried to Bluetooth it to the storage device, have the storage device near the antenna, cross the streams and get sucked into a perpetual Bluetooth Vortex that you'd never escape from?

Just asking like. In case I missed anything. If a PDA is too big (like - a pocket size) are you planning to do this naked or something?? Getting stranger by the iteration.
PartTimePongo said:
The same as always Pinky , to take over the world. :D

I have a plan, but it does rely on an ultralight device that can do the job of a pda, we can sack the screen for a start
Are you planning on fitting it to a radio control helicopter? helium balloon?
The public NEED to know.



P.S. would a SD card be usitable for storage?
Hey you guys, you are all forgetting the new dating game'toothing', its great, go into a busy place , select find devices, and you will be amazed at what you can find!!
Hey PTP, maybe I'm missing the point, but how about a PDA with a YAGI antenna? Would seem to be the same sort of thing. Can be "remoted" with a GSM?GPRS/3G connection, and gives you a highly sensitive, long range antenna?


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No Ghost_Rider, I think I'm the one who's missing the point.

If, hypothetically, one was going to break the law by tapping into someone else's electronic eqpt to extract personal and private information, shouldn't it be done in a manner unlikely to attract unwanted, (ie plod,) attention ?

Perhaps disguising the surveillance equipment as a rifle isn't the best idea...... 8O

Although on reflection it must be better than disguising it as a table leg in a carrier bag I suppose.
If PTP intends to use his infernal machine (mwhahaha!) in the Great Wen, then it would be best if it didn't look too much like a firearm. These days the only stream that would be shooting into his area would 9mm from the Met's HK MP5s! Entirely the wrong sort of download!!

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