Making your headshots count.

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Excognito, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. The linked SciAm report on Senator Giffords makes interesting reading. Some important lessons come out of it.

    1. Use a bullet that fragments (and use multiple bullets).
    2. Fire across the brain (or into the midbrain)
    3. Pick a spot that is remote in time from a brain trauma unit.
    4. Kill any aides who look semi-competent.
    5. Post-shooting (whilst everyone is running around in panic), wrap the target's skull in steel bands and quick-setting concrete to ensure the brain hasn't got room to swell.

    (on a serious note, she is likely to have severe cognitive damage but I hope she's one of the lucky ones who gets off relatively lightly; good drills on the part of her aide, Daniel Hernandez)
  2. Double tap works better depending on closeness though
  3. That's too much to remember while playing COD :-(
  4. My PPK was always loaded with hollow point ammunition... thank goodness it was never used on a person....
  5. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Go for quality not quantity 357, 158gr SJHP minimum caliber
  6. The closest I ever got to shooting someone was with a catapult made from a bed spring and elastic bands begged from the postie, mind you it was pretty powerful. Micky H certainly didn't like my single tap to the side of his head from 3ft with it anyway.
  7. No such luxury was either the Walther or 9mm Browning....the Browning was a good pistol but not ideal for plain clothes work.
  8. Worked well enough in Gibraltar 20-odd yrs ago. Lovely sidearm.
  9. Only against 'unarmed', 'peaceloving' er 'soldiers' who should have been given a chance to surrender* :D

    *Got a nice flavius to it...

    Mrs Giffords is a hotty though.