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Afternoon all,

I have my F2F interview and briefing on the 30th of this month and I am still unsure which role in the army to persua.
My main issue is how much time I will get with my Partner and 3 young children.
I understand I will be away from home during Tours and Operations but I’m more concerned with the general weekends within my unit.
So Im debating Regular or Rserves and either The Rifles or the Paras.

Ideally I would like to be a full time regular soldier in the 1st Battalion of the rifles, main reason being I live in Bristol and its only a 20 minute commute from home to base.
I have been reading through loads of threads and forums online and I’m getting mixed messages.
One side is telling me I have no chance of getting my 1st choice battalion in the rifles as they prefer to base you away from home to make you gel more with your fellow soldiers and travel home less, on the other side my recruiter has told me this is all bullshit and they will take into account I have a family and a mortgage and with all the government cuts they will more than likely station me close to home so I don’t use up any budget on Service Accommodation.
So I’m unsure what to believe, if I am not going to be based close to home then I would rather join the Para’s as their standards and ethos is something that appeals to me.
Then I obviously have the choice to go reserve but I would prefer to be regular.

So does anyone have any personal experience with this?

I had the whole go reserves or don’t join the army at all with a family but it’s something I’m certainly going to do and it’s what I want, can I not be a full time soldier and a father that’s around.
If I am not going to get my choice to be local shall I chase my dream of being a Para in the Reserves?
So Regualer Rifles or Para Reserves or maybe regular.
Can anyone shed some light on this.
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