Making the new ACMT (old APWT) work

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oldcolt, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. Having just read this article in TAQ7 on ArmyNet, it strikes me that with current MTD budgets and trained men away on tours, fulfilling these much more intense (but realistic and, in my view, welcome) changes to the the APWT is going to prove problematic. Although I held RMQ 1-3 and SAA last time I was in, I have yet to do a range day with my unit and would be interested to know how others in the CoC view this development from a practical point of view.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    What annoys me most is 1) the pointless change of name and 2) The way everything is becoming Combat this and Combat that. It's not like it's a charity event is it?
  3. Looks more fun than "20 rounds down the range in your own time go on"
  4. New ACMT, piece of piss and will take 40mins and uses less ammo as the old APWT

    Suggest you find other things to worry your head about.
  5. and where exactly are all of these UGL's, Night Vis stuff coming from to do the test anyway??? I haven't seen night vis kit and UGL since the sandy place,
  6. You did APWT at Skegness ?
  7. Everything after 50m in oldcolts post is the new AOSP not part of the ACMT so you will see it on predeployment training or if you do a 'shooting' camp
  8. What will happen is, you'll turn up on the range and get told what to do.

    Did the ArmyNet page mention anything about "not to be disseminated"?
  9. I know; what with Medical Technicians, Jackets, Fitness Tests, Equipments Fighting and Marching Order and Ninety-Five, it's everywhere. 8O

    Still, the CET has gone so there's clearly some give and take. I suspect that you might need to get yourself a new woman to give you something else to, 'annoy you most'.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The reason you have not seen it since deployment is because (drum roll....) there is so little of it that it has to be kept for deployment and pre deployment training.

    Strangely enough, it all features in the pre-deployment training programe! :wink:
  11. Given the reduction in ranges that we will be shooting at, passing is not, and never has been a worry for most. What concerns me is how the units are going to fit in the more varied demands that this will place on them and I am not convinced, from the small amount of information in the article, that this will improve marksmanship overall. Close quarter battle and effective reactive, close range fire, yes. Engaging longer range targets, developing breathing and positional techniques does not seem to be addressed in this.

    I am chuffed that we are going to see training with the UGL's but suspect that this will only be on PDT rather than on weekends with our units. Again, passing is not the issue at hnd, it's finding the time, qualified men and ranges (day and night) to make this a possibility.
  12. Reading the post, it seems to take into account current operational experience.

  13. I say again, everthing after (in your own post) 50m is not part of the ACMT but part of the new AOSP. You will only see it on pre-deployment or if your CO runs a 'shooting' camp.

    Time- easy(for an Inf Bn)
    Ranges- easy
    Qualified men- easy
    Ammo- difficult
  14. As I said above, the article in TAQ is short and not overly clear as to what is actually required/ involved in each of the tests. Does anyone have the correct info on the ACMT to make matters clearer - if it can be reproduced here?
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I have it, but will not reproduce it on here. It can be found in full in the electronic battle box.

    LF 11 Advanced application of fire (mandatory for MST) and the ACMT both involve shooting out to 400m, so please don't get the idea that the ranges have all dropped down to CQM ranges of 25-50m