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Have you any more details about the adult numeracy course?

Waivers can be granted based on overall educational profile but if possible it is best not to rely on these.
Based on your username, I'm assumine you're 22/3 and as such, worst case scenario you could resit your GCSE maths at a local college. Your best bet would be to go in to your local ACIO who will give you the contact details for your local ACA1, whose assistant will validate your qualifications.
Thank you for the comment Yorkshire Lad. I'm more concerned with hearing any comments regarding my question for future readers. (without sounding like an complete arse; I've already made plans to resit the course for Septmeber 12)
That's completely fair mate.

Hopefully you can get some accurate answers.
It is a short computer test which is carried out in colleges. I've been told (unoffcially) that it is equivalent to half a B grade at GCSE, but I'm not 100%.

Adult Literacy and Adult Numeracy | Skills for Life qualifications | Qualifications : Edexcel

That link is the best summary I can present.

Even though the army need to maintain educational standards in officer recruiting; I'm unsure if what difference 1 GCSE will make in my position. (I also know that the minimum standard is exactly that, a minimum standard... The army have the privilege to selected the qualified)
The RAF produce a table of equivalencies:
Thanks a lot for the link, this has confirmed my query on the adult numeracy test (I'm assuming that the RAF and Army have very similar educational requirements) and it won't be recconised unless it is a level 3.
I am assuming the table of equivalencies published by the RAF would be broadly similar to any assessment made by the Army but that is not set in stone.

Actually scrap that, I am PM-ing you with more info.

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