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I've had a look thorugh the stickys and other forums and haven't really found anything that fits for this so...

How did you come to a decision about which regiment/corps you joined? I understand that some people are deadset on certain things, but I'm a bit of a middle of the road character and all I'm sure of is that I want to join up.

I've done the Army Pathfinder thing but it's come up with all sorts of different contrasting jobs, from Inf to Engineers to Medical Support.



well i have chosen to join the Coldstream Guards,

well, to be honest, two of my friends joined the guards about 4 years ago and i just liked the idea of being a guardsman


Use your Brain, do some research and try to figure out what Job you want to do for the next 24 years
I went to the Careers Centre and got a hold of the little booklet that lists most of the jobs. It has a little bitesize description for each one, and reading through I got a little flutter of excitement every time I found one that appealed to me.

After writing them down I had 6 or 7 which I was interested in, so then I read through those specific ones again and guaged (sp) which ones had me most enthused. Having narrowed down the list to just four or five I went back to the Careers Centre, where the fella printed off an A4 description of each job.

You should then be able to tell which two or three you're most interested in.

One tip would be: don't try to reason it too much. If you're looking for a career and to do your 22 years, you don't want to spend every day telling yourself why that's the job you're doing. So just see how you feel about certain jobs - there's bound to be one that makes you feel excited just thinking about doing it... that's the one for you.

As good as the career prospects might be in other jobs, there's no point joining something like the Army just for a career path - you can get that in civvy street without being shot at.


what ever job you choose to do don't choose it because you think it is what you SHOULD do, that it will give you qual's or a trade to use in civvy street, do something you WANT to do, people keep giving me the 'you hsould have gotten a trade out of it' speech, but to be honest they have no idea, i do not want to do a trade in the army, or ever in fact, it just doesn't appeal to me, trades are not the be all and end all of jobs in civvy street

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