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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Grumblin_subalten, Nov 13, 2003.

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  1. A lot of good advice is finding its way onto this forum. If anybody is looking for advice in a particular area or thinking about a certain career, post on here and we can get some tips and advice coming your way. I can filter out a lot of the cr*p to keep the site pure but I’ll still leave the banter.

    So what job you after?
  2. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    "I can filter out a lot of the cr*p to keep the site pure but I’ll still leave the banter."

    So what happens when the banter is crap?
  3. I've seen some great contacts............mid 40's, busty, likes O & A, goes like train......
  4. Opps DS, was that the 'contact' these mature, well endowed ladies made as they went like trains, running you over whilst heading for the door?
    Is O & A, short for 'Oh my god and what a hairy Arrse!'?
  5. Are you a man?
  6. Dear God NO!!!!!!!!
    No offence, but well, you know....
    Are YOU?
  7. It would leave a very empty site, see above.[/quote]
  8. In an attempt to resurrect what could be a useful thread for some people, if anyone is thinking about going into the licensed trade, they need to know what the implications will be in the new Licensing Act which comes into force at the end of next year. If you get a licence before it comes into force you will be issued a Personal Licence under 'grandfather rights'. If you enter the trade afterwards you will, by law, require to be qualified - qaulifications which will be readily available.

    Be very careful of companies who claim to train you and find you a pub, for the princely sum of £3000 - £6000. If you are thinking about doing that PM me first and I'll see if I can find out if they are bona fide or not.

    I do know of pukka companies who won't rip you off.
  9. Why? In need of some luvvin? Well, I'm your man if that's the case. PM me!
  10. PM??????
    Sell me it......

  11. You are a man aren't you?
  12. perhaps more of one than you are my dear! :wink:
  13. Yep.......and you're probably right.

  14. My god....if you're trying to faz me at least go for the juggular! 8O
    accuse me of being a man and be done with it! :x
    I can think of no greater curse! :cry:
  15. That'll be why you're going for the op then?