Making formal complaints about senior individuals.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Alf_Garnet_Commando, May 20, 2006.

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  1. What is the formal complaints procedure? I appreciate that the route will be for me to speak to my line manager to make a complaint about someone but what format does it take after that?

    I wish to complain about a captain who I believe has acted inappropriately. Can anyone give me any advice?
  2. Blimey!

    Well everyone has a right to voice concerns and in this instance, you should approach your OC and request a private interview.

    There is no sneaky way round this - if you feel something wrong has happened, you must be prepared to step up to the line and be counted.

    As to the format - your OC will conduct an investigation with the CSM then determine a course. It is highly likely that the individual concerned will be summoned by the CO and dealt with, if the circumstances decree.

    Final point - it is not necesarily the case that you will be asked to stand there and face down the individual concerned, but it depends entirely on the actual circumstances.

    I'd rather we didn't go into this further on an open forum - feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.
  3. All this info is freely available on unit noticeboards, which leads me to ponder the question, are you after information or looking for someone to ask why whats gone on? and give you an opportunity to whinge like a biatch.

    In case its the former and not the latter you can download the detail from MATT 6

    or follow some of these links
  4. WTF, Line Manager????? you mean a senior rank

    Since when did command and leadership become line management??

    Are you sure you are serving or a civilian employed by the MOD

    Line Manager?

    walks away shaking head in disgust
  5. Anyone can be a senior rank. I wouldnt consult a SNCO that works in the cookhouse about one of my problems if i worked in the Quartermasters department. So it would be my line manager who would be the most appropriate to consult.
  6. Clearly not you.
  7. But it's OK to consult complete strangers on a web site? You say that the conduct was 'inappropriate'. That covers a lot of areas. At the end of the day, as has been pointed you to you, there is no sneaky way around this. Only you know what to do. I've no idea what rank you are, but if you are a SSgt of below, take it to your WO2. If you are a WO2 take it to your OC. If you are an officer below the rank of MAjor, again, take it to your OC. I doubt that you are a MAjor and I'm stretching the imagination here with some of the other ranks, but if you are then take it to your Regt 2IC.

    Remain discreet but don't step outside of the chain unless it is something which you consider warrants the attention of plod. If you have witnesses, make sure they are not the type to leave you lonely when their accounts suddenly don't quite meet the ones they gave you at the beginning.

    Only you know what to do mate, just make sure that it's the right thing and be prepared to stand by your guns when you do.
  8. The reason I have not elaborated is as arrse is so popular now, revealing the intimate details of the incident would more than likely alert an individual in my unit and thus would doubtlessly be directed to the individual in question which i do not want to happen.

    And yes it is ok to ask for advice from complete strangers on the internet (isnt that the whole point of this forum??). And I may indeed speak to a SNCO in the cookhouse to ask advice. But that wasnt part of my original point which was who do I approach to submit the complaint. That was before the comments regarding the terminology used in my original post.

    And i am senior to some people. Not very many but some!
  9. First of all, its a "Regimental Restaurant", why have you got Captains in there?

    Sounds to me like you have been waiting on at a do, and someone has tried it on.

    MATT 6, as previously mentioned, is the way ahead.

    Speak to your RCWO or SSA and they will sort you out (fnar fnar).
  10. No the cookhouse was just an example to say that a SNCO can be anyone its not specific to this particular matter.
  11. No they can't.

    Get it right love.
  12. Alf,

    For inpartial advice I would suggest you speak to either your Unit Welfare Officer or Equal Opportunities Advisor, both are more than likely LE Officers and so, if not able to deal with your problem themselves, will be able to point you in the right direction. Failing that try the rmy Welfare Service (even if your problem isn't welfare, they have a wealth of knowledge and have a confidentiality code). Good luck.
  13. Some Corps do refer to seniors as line managers. I would have thought and expected a senior rank to be abreast of military terminology.

    edited to say: Sorry, just read some of your previous posts and realised your retired TA :roll: :roll: :roll:
  14. You are contradicting yourself here. You find that it's alright to ask for advice on a subject which you do not, for good reason, wish to go into detail about on a public website. It's not alright mate honestly and no, it is not the whole point of this or any other forum. The situation is, that you cannot have it both ways. You are right not to identify the problem as it may identify the individual and I would stick to that policy if I were you.

    You obviously feel strongly about the matter and the answer to your problem may lie in GrumpyGits post. FFS though, be discrete. Don't leave yourself open.
  15. Your unit should be publishing this on their Part one Orders. :roll: Note it.

    Ok, Go to your unit admin Office (UAO) Request AGAI Vol 2 Chapter 70, This outlines the procedures for submitting a redress of Complaint, its format and time lines, Three months from the date of when things went wrong (very important). If your complaint is about the conduct of your superior officer and its not to do with your CO then you can submit it to the CO, However if you feel your complaint would be prejudiced due to a lack of impartiality say like both are squash buddies, you can consult your RAO and or the Army Welfare Officer for further advice and guidance. There is also the SO2 G1 of your Div.

    Further help just PM me :wink:

    Good luck