Making Chocolates

I want to have a go at making some chocolates to give as gifts at Christmas, can anyone recommend a good recipe book. Any other tips on where to buy special ingredients, moulds etc would also be useful.
Making Chocolates,

The most unrewarding, painful least successful thing you will ever attempt in cookery, besides making choux pastry or Italian meringue.

If you want to make gifts, go the conserve way, loads of hedgerow fruits are ready at this time.

Pickles, just onions or mixed veg.

Chutneys , any variety would please the recipient.

CurryWurst sauce, (it is on the boards now.

But not, not Chocolates.

(I hope this wont put you off).
try doing melted chocolate with double cream and cool it, then you can roll spoonfuls into truffles. Once cooled they can be coated in cocoa, 100's and 1000's, melted chocolate etc. vary flavouring with rum, brandy, cointreau, baileys etc! Pop them into petit four cases and put them in nice gift boxes. Job jobbed
Chocolate needs to be 'tempered' before you can do anything with it.

I think it needs heating to a certain temperature then rolled out or something, but apparently it's a bit of an art.

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