Making Back-up DVDs

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Mighty_Blighty, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know of a decent program, either freeware or to purchase, that I can use to make copies of the DVDs I own, prior to my trip to the sand pit next year.

    I had considered buying an external hard drive, and dumping them on that, but if it gets trashed, as some of my DVDs did last time I went for a sun tan then I'm fooked.

    I must stress, this is for genuine purposes, to make back ups of DVDs I have bought, to take on my next camping trip - honest :roll:

  2. Not 100% sure if this is what you're after, but DVD Decrypter (google it, and check out Wikihow) is good for ripping DVDs to your hard drive.
  3. Sorry mate, I've just read my question, and it was as clear as mud :oops:

    I want to somehow, copy my DVDs to DVD+Rs, presumably by mounting them on my HD then burning them - but modern DVD's are protected agsinst this, and I want to know if there is a program to get round this encryption.

  4. Would also recommend DVD Shrink. It will shrink any DVD above 4.6gb down to 4.7gb. You can take out the preamble and make them static pics, take out foreign dubbing and all the interviews. Works very well particularly if you are going to copy the DVD onto your own. Retains quality as well
  5. Do a Google on DVD BURNING Software

    My laptop came with NERO BurningROM Lite which is not that bad
  6. DVD Decrypter will get around the encryption problem. DVD shrink will then make sure it fits onto a DVD-R etc. But you can lose quality etc. in doing so.
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    DVD Shrink 3.2

    Compresses a dual layer DVD9 and backs it up onto a standard DVD-R or DVD+R.

    Mutts nuts.
  8. Try this site.

    There are a couple of downloads on there. DVD cloner is a quick and dirty one that you can get for free.

    *This information is provided for use by people who want to do legal copies of their own DVDs for use while running around in the sandpit and is not to be used by naughty people who are just doing it for the money or to be spiteful.
  9. Google dvd fab platinum or search for it on torrents.
  10. concur with above - dvd shrink.

    or if you want to spend a bit, go to the slysoft website and look for anydvd + clonedvd.
  11. dvd shrink or Clone DVD is what you need. they both will copy DVD's and if you use region free software you can also remove any region code on the original DVD.
  12. Not entirely sure if the law has changed on this one, and this is purely for interest as its a common discussion.

    A few years ago (about 3) we had a big discussion / disagreement at work regarding 'backups' of legitimately owned sofware on CD. I contacted UK copyright agencies and was told that you are NOT legally allowed to make a backup copy of software you own the original of, in the UK. This is/was UK law and does not apply to other countries where it is permitted. Out of interest, at the time, they also told me it was technically illegal to transfer a legitimately downloaded (and paid for) MP3 track onto an ipod etc. but that was under review.

    Apparently, it used to be the case that you could backup software on CD but since the technology has become considerably better this is no longer the case. I would assume the same applies to DVDs etc.

    Now, on the original question, I would go with DVD Shrink. Used it for years and only very very occasionally have I come across a DVD it can't handle.
  13. Been having problems with DVD Shrink recently, with it being unable to backup any new DVDs, was advised to use Any DVD, this seems to work.
  14. If dvd shrink wont deal with the dvd to start with, you run it through dvd decrypt which will strip out the copy protection then use dvd shrink.

    However it is much more efficient to rip the dvd to an avi, since the avi including the DTS track will only be about 1.2gig big for a average film, hence 3-4 films per 4.7 gig dvd.

    Alternatively just create an iso straight from the dvd and mount it to watch it using alchohol 120 or other similar virtual dvd drives. Once you have watched it you can delete it.

    Of course the next logical step if you move to avi's is to download the ones you want from source, its arguably faster and less hassle than ripping the dvd.

    Plus if you want whole series each episode is about 400meg (and about 8-10 mins to download on a standard ADSL 8 meg line), representing alot of viewing time for the least amount of space.
  15. Thanks for all the replies - will try them.