Making a documentary on PTSD, we need your help.

I am an ex Royal Marine. I am in the process of making a documentary to help raise awareness of PTSD and the charity Combat Stress. The documentary will be looking at the governments lack of responsibility for taking care of its service personel post operational tour and its failing to help those suffering from the very real problem of PTSD. It will also be looking at the manner in which having been to war can change your life even if you do not suffer from PTSD or have not been diagnosed with PTSD. We are looking for ex or current service personel to come forward with thier experiences of war, how they feel they have been affected, if at all, and if they feel the MOD provides adequate awareness training and treatment of PTSD. We are also keen to hear of personal accounts from anyone willing who has been diagnosed with PTSD brought on from service and how it has affected them. This can be done anonymously if you are uncomfortable to be filmed/quoted for the documentary.
The main point is that we are trying to get the government and MOD to change policy and step up to what they should have been doing for years.....taking care of those who voulnteer and risk thier lives.

If you are interested in helping with this project please send an email to (remove the spaces around the @ sign to email me)
If you just want to email us an account, view or opinion on this subject then great. We want to make a difference and help those who often get forgotten about with a sever unseen injury.
hi i might be interested im in the TA and have of recent started to feel
uncomfortable about a few things this is mainly when in a military
enviroment it was so bad recently i have to leave our anual camp 1 week
early i have had and iam still in descusion with my unit about this and
all have been supportive i have been advised to get profesional help and
people are looking into it via a military doctor i did see service in IRAQ
form nov03 to april04 altho i never saw anything really bad, but did find
the constant threat and hostile actions of some people to cause me some
anxiety whilst i was there and after my return these manifest themselfs as
panic attack lack of sleep/waking in the nite bad dreams that my GF has to
sooth me nite sweats cloustraphobia/fear of being trapped or crushed esp
under groung or smothered by a group of people or angry mob low self
esteam these things dont happen all the time some times one but other time
3/4 at the same time .. im sure theres more
btw i cant contact you via email as it keeps getting sent back

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