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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Sam_Fisher, Sep 21, 2004.

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  1. I have recently had a claim turned down by the Naafi, due to the wording on the claim form. I said that I had a fine handed to me, by the Brigadier, to the tune of 500 notes. The Naafi said that they wouldn't pay out due to it being a fine, even when I said that was the way the military got recompense for lost items of kit.
    A word to the wise, make sure you have adequate cover for your kit.....especially all you SQMS/CQMS'S out there.

    As for the naafi, 22 years of cover stood for nothing...CHEERS!
  2. A fine isn't a means of getting recompense. It is defined in the Commander's Guide to Summary Punishments (at ) as follows:

    What you are describing is stoppages, which are defined as:

  3. Either way you have to have money taken from your pay to cover the cost of the item in question. I have a pay statement saying that I have had money taken from my pay, so surely I am entitled to make a claim against my policy.
  4. We can’t comment on individual cases, but it sounds like there may have been some confusion. If you are fined (as described by Donny), then no you are not covered - Kit and Contents Insurance is not designed for this. However, if you are claiming for lost kit that you have been asked to pay for (i.e. Stoppages) and your claim meets all policy terms, then you will be covered.

    If you think your claim was just misunderstood, give us another ring to explain on 0800 012345 (from the UK) +44 8705 234 937 (from the rest of the world) and we’ll sort it out. If you still think you’ve been refused unfairly, PM me and I’ll look into your case.

    Hope that helps!