Making a "base curry"

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by supermatelot, Jul 3, 2010.

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  1. Right! I've educated myself for a month or two now with the kitchen guru products and have now got my "special" spices and other ingredients. I'm now attempting to move to the next level by trying to cook, not authentic Indian but british Indian Restaurant style curries.

    Today I have attempted to make my first "base curry" using the recipe on this website:
    Which uses the method from a book called "The curry Secret"
    I also used a few other "secrets" I have seen on the web such as a tsp of ketchup, tsp of sugar and tbsp of tomato puree.

    I have had to bodge it though as I realised after starting I had no ginger. The method also states to simmer the mixture until the oil starts rising.
    I ran out of time eventually as I'm now at work so had to turn the heat off after about 2 hours - after achieving what looks like a brown gravy that fecking reeks of mainly garlic, onion and cumin.

    I never got it to the point where the oil starts rising. Have I failed at the first hurdle?Does it matter that much?

    Any advice on restaurant style base curries please?

    I have been looking on but i'm unable to view that site here at work.
  2. Go easy he's been at sea mate. :?
  3. Get a £10 slow cooker from Tesco, you can leave it to cook for 8-10 hours, I like to cook the sauce until its just a bit to hot for my taste, then add the meat, but the slow cooker makes it idiot proof
  4. Get yourself a curry spoon all indian chefs have one :x
  5. Aye,but do they work on ships. :)
  6. Are you 100% on that one Tropp?. :)
  7. have a look for recipe books by Pat Chapman . a list can be found here.

    i have the 250 favourite curries book.
    it has recipes for all types of bases for curries and such like. well worth getting.
  8. Get a copy of this book, join the "what the hell is a curry spoon" club.


  9. Tesco been pushing them for ages and at that price you can't get a tidy saucepan, there great for currys
  10. Mess tins on a cold night in Belfast mate. :lol:
  11. £9.99 reduced from £16.99 Tesco Extra Cardiff

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  12. Is the Q going to fire one up then?.I'm perplexed over the bullet holes. :?
  13. Stop talking Yorkshire 'tha might mek sence' :lol: .
  14. :wink: