Makes you think...

:oops: I know someone who's got the names and addresses of several written down. Better go and start a bonfire methinks! 8O
Never ever ever give your full details to a website. Especially a dating , gaming , music or a software site. No one needs your full address details for you to download demo software.

If they request it, contact them and ask them why.
That said, the thought occurs that anyone with a soldier's details in their filofax is potentially in the dwang. But that makes no sense on its own (you'd wind up arresting half the population of, say, Sleaford for starters) so I imagine there'll have been another reason that the spooks were watching this chap.
It's a way to get any stalking Ex's off your back.... just shop them to the police for having your address and let them get locked away without trial :lol:
Surely thats a way to get rid of tch and blair
no where's me stamps :twisted:
Was published in the Daily Mail yesterday (before for I get accused of breaking OPSEC etc) The Soldier was a PWRR soldier who has recently received the MC. DM was asked not to publish his name but rather surprisingly, considering the circumstances of this case, they ignored and published name, photo and pic of wife. Cheers good blokes.

I would suggest you can expect to see this case in future lectures or briefings on talking to the media after ops. This was the chap that was carperted earlier this year reference talking to local rag about actions on Telic 4.
Small hint fellas - make sure you are not on the public list of the electoral roll, that you are ex-directory in the phone book and that you are registered with the Mailing Preference Service ( and Telephone Preference Service ( This will make you a little less traceable should some toe-rag get hold of your name.
Letterwritingman said:
unfortunately not being on the electoral role can effect your credit status.
Not the electoral roll itself, just the publically available listing (you just need to put a tick in the box to be removed from it).

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