Makes one proud to be British!!!

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I made few points with my boss years back by telling her those afflicted with PC are POLITICALLY CONSTIPATED and the treatment is a high colonic with a five inch fire hose.

Yes, but would you say that your chat up line worked?
My Mother, a mild mannered school administrator during her working life, is getting more xenopohbic with every day.
The racist homophobic old trout!
Now I know where I get it from :wink:


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Hotel_California,The Ustasha were Croatian nazi-sympathizing fascists who killed tens of thousands of Serbs, Bosniaks, Jews, Gypsies, commies, etc...

Don't mix up you Slavs, FFS. The Serbs have it hard enough as is.
They deserve to have it hard ... they had the Cetniks!!!
The fucking PC morons keep redefining what is, in their eyes, offensive. This is what causes oldies probs sometimes; I remember watching some TV chat forum type programme where an old dear constantly refered to a black audience member as 'coloured' to the obvious (to all except the old dear) discomfiture of the host. Eventually he cut in and told the granny that 'coloured' was an offensive term and 'black' was now de rigeur. The old dear was mortified and confused, she'd thought she was a paragon of inoffensive, right-on, non-racistness. Because at one time the term 'coloured' had been all those things. Until some bellend decided it wasn't, by which time gran was out of the loop, stuck in the past, gumming Werthers in front of the fire.

Offensiveness is surely a matter of intent, not semantics.


'UK shamed again...'

Enoch Powell would turn in his Grave!

So what makes you "Proud to be British".[/QUOTE]

Went on your linky thing and found this:

Tuesday, December 02, 2008
Society: 'Britain on top in casual sex league / Sunday Times 30/11/08
'A new study has found the British are the most promiscuous western nation. In an international index measuring one-night stands, total numbers of partners and attitudes to casual sex, Britain comes out ahead of Australia, the US, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.' (more)

[See also: 'The number of women having an abortion in England and Wales exceeded 200,000 for the first time last year. Britain's termination rate is already the highest in Western Europe.' / Daily Mail 28/11/2008 (more)]

posted by SMc at 9:11 AM [edit]

It's not all bads news then...
They deserve to have it hard ... they had the Cetniks!!!
Can you not read? The Croatians had/still have the Ustasha. They make Cetniks look like a bunch of nursery school teachers. Learn a bit of history before making mongaloidal statements like that.
Coming from an inner city background I now live in the back of beyond.
Yesterday I saw my first Asian in the village. Initially I thought Ho feck But then I came to my senses and realised that Asians moving in would be beneficial.
It would make the Lithuanians and Poles move on.
"Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart;
and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains."

Of course in todays language that would be
<30 = lefty tree hugging yoghurt knitting multi-culti celeb worshipper
>30 = Joesph Mengeles OTT elder brother.
Prince Philip should have known better than posting on SagaZone. Still, Sagazone's loss is ARRSE's gain.
Saga's target market is the over 50s. I'm 50 this year; does that make me elderly?
There were a bunch of ladies on a Saga holiday at a hotel I was staying at in Spain a few years ago. All late 50's to early 60's. All single (divorced or widowed). They were all attractive, smartly dressed and spent the whole holiday on the piss and enjoying themselves. They behaved more like 30 somethings and were great fun to chat to and have a drink with.

I would have tried it on with all of them except that my wife would probably have said something...



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