Makes my skin crawl...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wiraman, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Why oh why did she have to take a film crew with her to make a 'private visit'?
    This should be about her, and not her career...or am i missing something here??

    stupid cow

    edited....sausage fingers....
  2. To be fair to her, its all about publicity. She now needs to be seen to be making amends. We will only see it if its on TV and we are such a media led nation that we would only believe it if it is reported in some way!

    I (grudgingly) have to say fair play to her for trying to get her career back together, others would have just wallowed in a drunken, drugged stupor fulled by self pity.

    I personally don't think she is a nasty person, just a very stupid one who can't engage brain at the right time!

  3. "Hours after her arrival in India, Ms Goody was spotted having lunch at a restaurant in the five-star Le Meridien hotel in the capital, Delhi."

    Poor girl, my heart goes out to her. :cry:
  4. I fancy her something rotten........
  5. A Yawn story - nobody cares!
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Hope the Chef put extra hot chili's in the bint's phall & burnt her gob off!
  7. ...and I guess that curry might not have been on the menu!

  8. I dont see what the fuss is all about, sure shes a fat munter with a head like a box of frogs, sure she's as thick as a whale omelete with less brain activity than a sweat gland.... but just for screeching at the Indian bint and calling her poppadum...whoopsie fecking doo, one step down from white hoods and coloured folks swinging from the neighbours tree......not!!

    she's a celeb (alledgedly) obviously she's doing damage limitations to help her so called career just 'cos 40 odd thousand fecked up chav and asian mlarrs in the UK whinged and whined about the Shilpa Shetty slagging, good luck to her the dim slapper!!
  9. Not being as up on my ethnic food recognitions skills as I probably need to be, what was she eating?

  10. Who gives a stuff!
  11. Stupid biyatch needs to die!

  12. Yes she has got a pulse but fcuk all else.
  13. The curse of Shilpa strikes again:

  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Funily enough...the same thing happened to Oinker Goody;

    Big Brother celebrity Jade Goody told today of her horror after becoming the victim of a chequebook fraud costing her up to £500,000.

    The reality television star reported the theft to police in Harlow, Essex, after discovering a number of cheques had been taken from her chequebook.

    Goody told a national newspaper she was missing a substantial sum of money from her Abbey National account and believed a friend was responsible for the thefts.

    "A number of cheques have gone missing, so it could be anything up to half a million. I have been a victim of theft from someone who I thought was quite close.

    "It's upsetting, I don't need this, I'm so busy and I just don't want the aggro," she said.

    "It's all the more upsetting when you think it's somebody you can trust. It's horrible," she added in an interview with The Sun.

    Goody, who appeared in series three of the Channel 4 show Big Brother, said she had noticed gaps in the sequence of cheque numbers in her chequebook.

    On closer inspection, she spotted that cheques had been razored out, she said.

    The mother of two, who lives in Ongar, Essex, said she believed the cheques were stolen from her house.

    A spokeswoman for Abbey National said the matter had been passed on to the police.

    She added: "Fraud is something we take seriously across the whole business and we would investigate each case on an individual basis."

    A spokesman for Essex Police yesterday told The Sun: "I can confirm we had a report of a theft made this afternoon."

    Must run in the breed..
  15. Jade is sitting on 8 million quid for being a complete twat.

    Jo made a mint from s club and now she breeds dogs - loser

    Danielle, well shes thick and greedy and shags old men.