Makes my blood boil

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Joshing-lens, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    to charlie brooks, maiden name wade IIRC.

    she only got paid out because murdoc has a thing for her. you notice she doesn't have any legal fees either. wnakers.

    he will find something for her to do when she gets out of prison - although being daves bezzer she probably wont get to trial
  2. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    In essence, this odious woman is taking one for the team. Even if she does go to prison, you can be assured that it wont exactly be harsh. Murdoch wont forget the loyalty and will reward her in more than monetary terms.

    Murdoch certainly knew about Jimmy Saville and let it all loose when necessary. I suspect that he knows of a lot more. Cameron will have been warned that Murdoch knows where there are lot more bodies buried (metaphorically speaking) and will be a little scared. I recall Vince Cable wanting to make war with Murdoch. I wish he would, because whatever war Murdoch is in, he is winning.
  3. Joshing-lens, remember the 'glass ceiling' that woman's lib wailed about. The one where men get paid more than women? Good. Now there is another 'ceiling', it is the one where, if you are below it and you **** up, dip into the till expenses wise, or just lie and cheat, and are found out. YOU WILL BE SACKED! No ifs, no buts, out on your arse. You may be given the chance to resign, but bye-bye pay, pension, and perks.

    Now, above the 'ceiling', if you lie, cheat, steal, or otherwise screw up. YOU WILL NOT BE SACKED! Au contraire, you will be able to resign, take a shedload of cash, the last D-G at the BBC got a year's wages for 54 day's work, at least one peer of the realm lied about a loan a mate had given them on a mortgage application; you or I do that the police are round pronto. An MP 'forgot' to pay their council tax for years, no problem, we won't take you to court and then to gaol. In fact have a peerage, even though you despise them, and are only taking it to keep your spouse happy, lying incoherent twat though you be.

    So you see, there are the ones above, and the ones below. If I could work out how to get above, I'd stamp on your fingers getting there.

    As Peter Cook remarked;

    'When you're too old and stupid to be a coal miner, they sack you. Whereas with a judge, it's the opposite.'
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  4. The Dirty Digger didn't get where he was by not looking out for and being loyal to Caporegimes that are willing to take a bullet for him.
  5. 123

    123 LE

    You know, Adolf Hitler despised the newspapers of Germany at the time because the more he read them the more he could perceive how anti-Germany they were. The more he could perceive how insidious, parasitic and damaging to the German moral character they were. The more he could perceive how they stirred up anti-German feelings in Germans themselves. OK, so when he traced the newspapers back to their source, he found that they were, by and large, run by Jewish people - and that helped in his confirmation of anti-Semitism.

    But that was in 20s and 30s Germany. Forget about the Jews, that's not important, but look at the essence of what happened. We have a press who are mostly a blight on the British character. We know full well the sources, but its not about nationalities or ethnicities. It's the free press itself that's the problem. Well, a symptom of the problem. It's democracy that's the real problem. Democracy allows morals to be loosened and power to be freely abused with impunity. It allows favour to be granted and it assures unfairness. It promotes inequality and it is the glazer who fits that glass ceiling. With democracy there can be no real sense of nationalism and nationalism by its nature is adverse to the abuses facilitated by democracy. Nationalism doesn't just pay lip service to common ideals and a real, felt sense of nationhood, it provides them and anyone who subverts them has a real shame cast upon them - not just a superficial shame. And they pay for betraying the nation. They pay as we believe and know they should - not with money, but with their freedom, and perhaps their lives. Rebecca's Brooks would do some serious jail time, politicians would have been sent to jail for their expenses scandals, the banks would have been allowed to fail. Right now, we have criminal acts going largely unpunished. A monetary fine is seen as enough punishment for treason, but for these types of people, where money flows and is in abundance, imposing fines the likes of which they receive does them almost no harm at all. Money doesn't put things right, doesn't right any wrongs, isn't a true medium of justice, in cases like these. See the compensation Brooks was given, but she presided over some serious and heinous wrongdoings. She was, in effect, rewarded rather handsomely for them. Will she do jail time? Will it be like a tough jail? How long will she spend there - long enough and hard enough to repay the moral debt she owes to society?
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    £10.8m plus unlimited legal fees?

    OK, News of the World gets caught engaged in major criminal activity. Shock Horror.

    News of the World closes in shame. YAY

    Twiglets resigns. YAY.

    Murdoch announces the Sun is to publish on Sunday to replace NotW thus saving the pay of around 300 journos who worked on NotW and **** knows how many jobs in production and the supply chain. Cost to Murdoch = 1/6th the cost of the weekday Sun.

    yay. Er, hang about... Did a wrinkly old Digger just slip something up our collective bottoms?

    £10.8m to Twiglets is not the issue here. She could spend the lot with Vidal Sassoon's ghost. She would still be ginger, ugly and married to a Pikey. Twiglets is a convenient sideshow and she was from the off.
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  7. I get more and more pissed off when I hear about cnuts like her benefiting hugely from crime , us mere mortals struggle to make ends meet due to the actions of these upper class crooked *****, we worry about paying fines for parking on double yellows and those ***** get payouts in millions , time for a revolution ..................
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  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Then they offshore the lot and avoid tax. Whoopee. Be interesting to see what goes down when Twiglets and her chums get dragged before the beak (I think) next September. £10.8m will but some serious dogs of law.
  9. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    I can understand Brooks getting a huge payoff, she took the risks and is benefitting. A little porridge wont bother the harridan.

    What made my blood boil today? Baroness Warsi - Minister for Faith. Minister for friggin faith? She is not exactly reticent about her own faith and promoting it at the expense of other faiths. We dont need a minister for a religious belief, be it Muslim, Christian or Pastafarian. This woman is about the worst example of how British politics find space for the unelectable odious crawlers who hang around on the winnits of politicians who have at least managed to get people to vote for them.
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  10. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    murdoc is paying for that so she keeps the lot
  11. Well in theory under the criminal Justice act there is provision for the ill gotten gains of people who have obtained a criminal conviction to be sequestrated.Lets hope the Asset forfeiture unit is switched on.
  12. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    There is more chance of me being made Pope.

    Twiglets didnt gain money through illegal activity, Murdoch gave it to her, totally above board.
  13. I'm sure there's enough solicitors out there to argue the point - for a fee!! As to you being pope- d'you think a scythe would be appropriate.?
  14. What is the tax on unearned income - 40%?