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Couple with 10 children who REFUSE to claim 1000s in benefits - We’re no scroungers, say pair

A COUPLE with TEN children who refuse to claim benefits said yesterday: "We're sick of scroungers ruining Britain."

Lee Hamlin, 39, and Emma Payne, 36, say they want their kids to understand the value of working.

They called The Sun after we told last week how jobless Moira Pearce, who has ten children by four fathers, is seeking charity hand-outs despite claiming £30,000 a year in benefits.

Lee, of Penistone, Sheffield, said: "It's a joke. She should get off her a*** and get a job, or make these dads stand up and pay for the kids."

The dad earns just £14,000 a year as a carer, while Emma fits in occasional shifts as a support worker around looking after their kids.

But they refuse to claim thousands in benefits for HOUSING, INCOME SUPPORT, plus WORKING TAX CREDITS, COUNCIL TAX ALLOWANCE or FREE SCHOOL DINNERS. The only Government help the family get is child benefit worth £114 a week.

Lee said: "We're working, but we're struggling. In an ideal world I would be on a lot higher pay, but that's not the way it is.

"I've just applied for a second job in a call centre for days I'm not working. I'd rather work seven days a week than have to rely on benefits."

Lee met Emma, who already had four children, in 1996, and they have had six kids together.

The couple, who have a second-hand Vauxhall Corsa that costs £50 a week in petrol, spend more than £200 on their weekly shop, going through 84 pints of milk, 21 loaves of bread and 24 toilet rolls. They try to save money by buying in bulk and often get half a pig for £60, which will feed them for several days.

Lee and Emma have taught Mitchell, 19, Mason, 17, Jordan, 16, Shannon, 15, Callum, 11, Dillon, ten, Ellie, nine, Fallon, seven, Alfie, four, Charley, three, old-fashioned values.

Lee added: "We would be financially better off on benefits, but it's our choice to work and not be on them. Those that sit on their a*** all day claiming sick really annoy me."

Emma added: "It is very hard work but the kids muck in and help out with the chores. We are quite strict with them and have to have a very structured routine or it wouldn't work."

But they are still criticised by strangers who assume they are spongers. Emma said: "Once we were in Pizza Hut and a customer said, 'Are they all yours? I bet you're on benefits'.

"Lee went mad and asked if she was a pensioner. When she said yes, he said that was also claiming from the state.

" Each time I get people giving me grief I remember how lucky I am to have such good kids."
These are the poeple that the benefits are designed for - working families who need a bit of extra help, not the chavscum on a recent forum thread.
They don't need Benefits, she needs to be sterilsed!
Hmmm .... Fortunately this lady has a lot of pride, Unfortunately pride wont pay her bills.

Likes a lot of unprotected sex by the looks of it too!

A classic case of "you made this bed of your own free will" ...... Now you have to lie in it!

Cutting off your nose to spite your face gains sympathy from no one.

Verdict ...... This lady has wacky thought processes.
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