Make your bloody mind up.

Visited a house recently and while generally chatting with the owner, noticed a recentish picture of a young lad in RE No 2's.

I said 'I see your lad is in the Royal Engineers.'

To which he replied 'Not in the Engineers no, He started in the Royal Welsh, didn't like it, then he transferred to the RMP, didn't like that too much and so transferred to the Engineers.'

'Oh' I said 'and is he still with Engineers?'

'No' came the reply 'he's with the Royal Signals in Sennelager'.

I've got no reason to doubt the veracity of the tale, but found it strange that this guy could transfer three times.

It's not as interesting as I thought, once I've wrote it down, but has anybody else come across anybody with very itchy feet?
^ Its wasn't worms if the thread about you is to be believed! :)


^ Its wasn't worms if the thread about you is to be believed! :)
That was the week before, when I had a bleeding hoop. It looked like someone had put a lobster down the back of my shorts and kicked me up the arrse.

On the plus side, my shit had a lovely marbled effect for a day or two.


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I knew a bloke who was R Sigs then SPS then AAC.

It does happen!

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