Make Poverty History????

Make Poverty History.Buy a new Merc.After all that's what African politicians do.Beats MG Rover(RIP) and Jag any day.

As for Geldoff,why doesn't he fcuk off?

U2+Bono=Hasbeens for the future
U2-Bono=Not bad music
Harrys Game-Bono should have been Harry
How many itterations of the 'Luck of the Irish' are there?


War Hero
Once upon a time we went and invaded countries like the ones we are encouraged by 'Lord Geldof of the Great Unwashed' to lend our financial support to. Then we made them members of the Empire and provided them with a stable system of government. Economies were generally healthy, trade was reasonably well managed, and the trains ran on time (yes we gave them trains - paid for by their very own taxes and a spot of PFI). Of course, they all had to do as they were told and swear allegience to the King. Well, they didn't like that very much, and they decided they would really rather not have us baby-sitting them, and could we f^ck off thankyou very much.

Now we are supposed to shore up their corrupt little governments, and give them money out of the goodness of our hearts for schools hospitals and agricultural supplies, even though we know full well they'll siphon it off and use it for their next round of tribal scrappage.

Sorry Bob, I think you're talking boll0cks, but I agree in principle that this simply can't be allowed to go on. Let's clean up over here by culling all the pinko lefties and banning political correctness, then let's go and build another empire.

[I am unashamedly right-wing, as you can probably tell.]

I am more than happy for my taxes to be used to help people get back on their feet, but I would like some guarantee that my children won't be paying again in 30 years time to sort out the same mess.
well maybe if the trade rules of so called free trade allowed africans to flogg food at least to there own markets. rather than have to compete against food from the EU and USA thats cheaper because the goverments have given huge subsidys and are then dumping food.
Also maybe it would be harder for the bastard scum to hide there loot if they had'nt been propped up by one or other of the major powers :x
and then offered nice cushy private bank accounts either in swizerland or the city of london :twisted:

I think you have a slightly rosey view of the empire. The empire happened, did a lot of good in those countries and I don't think the UK needs to feel guilty about it but ultimately it had to end. Why would a UK government have the best interests of the people in the colonies at heart when making decisions? If only the UK would make me its dictator then I would run the country really well. Actually no, I'd be ok for the first couple of years but I'd quickly change and make myself rich. Democracy is the worst form of government - except for all the other ones (including colonism).

Now we are supposed to shore up their corrupt little governments
Wrong! No one is expecting us to use our money to help corrupt governments. I'm sure you could find one muppet who wants this but this is not what Bob Geldof, Bono or the Make Poverty History campaign want. You completely misunderstand their argument if this is what you think. This aid is only available to countries that meets governance and corruption standards. For example, Ethiopia had some of its aid suspended after the recent protests ( Similar things have happened in other countries.


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