Make money whilst sat on my arrse?!

FYI, I recently became a member of one of these cash-back sites, the one's that give you cash back for doing all various things through their site. This particular one is called Quidco,

I've found it to be rather good. I neither work for them, get commission or confess this to be one of the best, i just wanted to pass this on so hopefully more ARRSE members could make themselves a few extra quid.

I've only been on it a week and have already made £93.60. Using the site i sold 6 old mobile phones. I received £90 for the phones (from a different company) and recieved £3.60 from Quidco, just for using their site. I also get money back for doing my ASDA shopping on-line. I'm sure the more shrewd members on here would be able to take full advantage of the special offers on the site.

Good luck.

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