Make Love Not War?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by orificecadet, Dec 8, 2003.

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  1. Ok this is to find out how many of yu out there have slept your way to that JUO/SUOship or have slogged your guts out on the gun park or up a stream boning enemy arrse to gain that coveted promotion
  2. I don't know about everyone else, but in my unit you'd be sleeping with the Chocolate Orange. I have slogged for my whole time at it, but squiggly rank slides only go to people who have held command positions, not to those who can hold them successfully. At my unit, in the eyes of most people, the rank is worthless.
  3. Agree with Lucy here.
    Rank is pretty much meaningless in my unit, as it's only really given to the kiss-arrses who seem all too common. Everyone knows who the real leaders are, so will follow their lead, rather than that of some jumped-up suck-up with all the sly and cunning of a diseased sloth.
    Of course, this can, and has caused some major rivalries between those who wear the rank, and those who actually deserve it. Those deserving have their lives made a misery by those above (despite the fact that they're not really empowered to do so), and it's a wonder that more of the good guys/gals haven't left.
  4. Would mention though that some of the cadets who were recently promoted had the decency to be slightly embarassed. Possible/definite short sightedness by the headshed if the newly appointed people knew there were others who ought to have got it. What's in it for the boss?
  5. orificecadet: I think I did well enough to escape getting a squiggle. Other than that, surely "sleeping your way to JUO" and "boning the enemy" are the same thing? -- though I don't think I boned any arrse.
  6. I was kinda hoping not to get a squiggle, 'cos of the point A_T_L made. Hopefully those deserving will get it for next terms training.
  7. Maybe slight re-thinking of the "Make Love, Not War" tagline should be invested in as it does sound a touch guardian reading, sandal wearing hippy.

    Any thoughts?
  8. "Make Love, Then War"?
  9. how about just:

  10. Well, it would certainly increase recruitment! :D
  11. and leave recruits under no illusions as to the main effort of all the staff.
  12. And there's me thinking it was all about the training!
  13. "Wear suits and have an RP accent"
  14. lefty grauniad sandal wearing it may sound, based in sound right-wing FT reading logic it is!!! Hmm interesting down in my unit, its actually viewed as an appointment and we don't have very many of them and u only get it for 1 year!
  15. What are the requirments for getting them? Holding a command appointment or just meing a good little cadet? Do people retain them year on year or can you only have it for 1 year max? Seems like a reasonable idea.