Make it your New Year’s resolution to help get rough sleepers off the streets

Ministry of Defence said:
Housing Minister Mark Prisk urged anyone wanting to get help for someone sleeping rough to use the new StreetLink hotline and website to ensure they are put in touch with the local agencies offering it.
He argued that while people want to offer help to those facing homelessness, they often don’t know where to turn.
But StreetLink, run by charities Homeless Link and Broadway with support from Government, offers a “valuable alternative” to a cash handout for people sleeping rough.
[h=2]No Second Night Out[/h]Those looking to offer help can call 0300 500 0914 or go to to put those facing sleeping rough in touch with local charities and councils who can them get them long-term support and safe accommodation.
The minister argued this new and innovative service helps support the No Second Night Out initiative as it is extended across the country.
In London, where No Second Night Out has been adopted, 70% of rough sleepers have not spent more than one night on the streets.
Mark Prisk said:
“The New Year offers many of us an opportunity to make a new start - StreetLink offers that opportunity to those facing the prospect of living on our streets and a valuable alternative to simply a cash handout.
“I would urge anyone looking to set themselves a New Year’s resolution to use this service to ensure people sleeping rough in their area get the support they need to get off the streets and into a stable home.”
Mark Prisk on rough sleeping and Streetlink

I thought it was called shelter......hang on a minute

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Is this official recognition of the failure of the services to look after its veterans?
More likely set up by a former senior officer.....cynical, me?

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