Make Blandford a Dry camp for phase 2's

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 30_pigs, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. What do you think??

    Ive been at Blandford a number of years now and all to often see the state far too many of these soldiers are getting into. Yes work hard play hard BUT the trend of Play hard and f"£K work seem to be more the phrase.

    Perhaps if we made Blandford Dry to all trainee's from Sunday night to Thursday night it may cut down on lots of the problems?

    Yes i believe we would still have to keep them more active, I am part of this duty of care people go on about. Instead of sitting in a room waiting for them to come to us, with there problems. Perhaps we should keep the occupied? Not wanting to single any one out but the Gurka's do it most weekends, sports and things. So why not all?

  2. Why not make all phase two establishments dry, including places like leconsfield. Your there to learn not get pissed every night.

  3. I agree.

    I remember at Harrogate, ah the days, we had hobbies and sports in what the sprogs would consider "their own time". Lets get amongst it, sports and hobbies for all sprogs. No more drinking.

    Get the band up and going again. Members didn't have to stag on as I recall (Band rat scum!!!).

    But NCO's + don't winge if you've got to do some thing yourself!!!!
  4. Just for trainees? I heard a number of other (upgrader) courses were complained about last week. I doubt it was the guys posting on here but you probably know which course I'm on about.

    Can a MOD out there tidy up all these (recent) threads into one?????
  5. Yeah well they probably will ban us from drinking soon. Let's face it, we get treated more and more like the sprogs every day, oh sorry the sunray says we can't call em that no more doesn't he? C**T!
  6. sunray ???? hes turning out to be a right top geezer isnt he, never known 1 bloke be so popular in such a short space of time
  7. Hmmmm make blandford dry. How much of a fuss would Naafi kick up!!!! You take it away now and you get more problems that you have now. The attitude in this dump is if you can do something then do it. If you're not allowed do it more. Making this place dry would just increase the level of drinking in the block by the phase 2 trainees (is that the correct title) This would end up in more uncontrolled drinking and people in worse states than they are now. This is going to sound all nicey nicey but more time and effort needs to be spent in encouraging the trainees to do something else instead. And hey, maybe if they didnt mess the upgraders about so much they may be more willing to help ou in their own time.

    Dam sorry that sounds far to sensible.
  8. I think the restraints put on trainees already is enough (Curfews etc) To add more would only increase problems and add to the work load of Permanent staff and upgraders. At the end of the day when the Sprogs get to Blandford they are meant to be mature adults who are now classed as Soldiers (i know this is not always the case)If they want to go out and get blotted on a night providing they are old enough then allow them the freedom to make that choice, if they mess up ie miss curfew or are late for work/parade then bounce them all over the joint and charge them with everything going and gate them to camp for a period of time. They might mess up but i am pretty sure they will only do it the once.
  10. I can assure you, as an experienced heavy toper, that nowhere can be completely "dry"! Where there is a will.....!
  11. :D I wouldve died a quick death if i couldnt drink beer after a schitt days course.
  12. This has to be the most ridiculous post I have seen. Not only would the phase 2s find somewhere else to drink and cause more problems, but the ones who weren't drinking now would probably start in rebellion to be treated like children.

    One thing that helps get you through basic is the fact that you are supposed to be treated liek an adult and it will getr better in phase 2. Although this is a lie with Blandford (I found basic less of a fcuk about than Blandofrd) stopping them from drinking would be treating them like children.

    The only reason they act like children at the moment is because they are treated liek children and second class citizens by everyone there. It is no wonder they do not have any repsect for anybosdy, especially phase 3s when you talk to them and about them the way I have seen on here.

    Why not find somethinmg constructive for them to do instead of drinking? what do you lot do of a night time? Lets face it there is nothing at all to do at Blandford and you cannot leave camp and do something because you would more than likely miss your curfew.

    When they do the boxing training so many people got involved and gave up more of their free time. find more sports like this and start treating the,m like human beings and not machines to be bullied about just because you were. You may find that they will behave a lot better.

  13. Sorry can't nor will i agree with you.

    Yes the ones here at the time of the inforcement would winge. However every new course wouldnt know any differance. There has been talk of re opening the Cpl's Mess, this would help! If Phase 2's only saw Upgraders drinking then it could give them something to aim for? By stopping Drinking 80% of the problems would be cut. I do not believe if they were stopped it would just go underground in the accom! The NCO'S in the block would see to that. Plus like i said in my original post keep them occupied then they would have the time!!

  14. If Blandford was to be made dry, the sprogs would have to be stopped from going down to tiffs or the spot and getting pissed there and coming back and causing more problems. Isn't it better that they drink on the camp, that way any problems that might occur with them fighting or such like would be confined to the base and not the town.

    Just my opinion, but they could place a non-drinking order on part 1s and make them stick to it.

  15. No it wouldn't, it would make them hate them even more than they do. Plus the Cpls never caught us drinking in the block when I was there until it was too late and somebody had been stabbed or something else had gone wrong. That also puts more pressure on people who are there to do their course not to look atfer sprogs (I'm no longer in so I can call them what ever I like).

    Just treat them like adults and you would be amazed at how they will start to act like them. Do you not remember what it was like to be phase 2?