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"I only said it to wind up Biped!"
English for Citizenship – Lesson 1

Many newcomers to the UK don’t understand the subtle difference in meaning between “Pussy” and “Cnut”

Take a look at this picture and see if you can spot the difference.

PTS107 said:



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'Bully me at school will ya? Give me a cr@ppy job like this will ya? Well, like my colleagues in the communist party, er, sorry, Labliar, I hate this country now, but I'm smug as you like because I'm the man that's going to get my revenge and take you ALL down in rivers of blood!'


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smartascarrots said:
"I only said it to wind up Biped!"
gaaAAAA!!! [pulsing temple vein finally gives way] bleeaAARRGGG!!!! [falls over and karks it].
Keith Best adhered to his own immigration policies strictly. He wasn't afraid to welcome a black pussy into his home.
English for Citizenship – Lesson 2 (Idioms)

"Looking like the cat that got the cream"

Take a look at the picture again, and see if you can tell which of these fat cats did.

English for Citizenship – Lesson 3 (Rhyming Slang)

" Tommy Cat " = " Commie _______ "

Take another look at the picture, and see if you can fill in the missing word.


I'd rather have a cat in the country than a Gurkha
Coming out of the cat's earpiece: "Standby....Standby....One...Two...One....GOGOGO!

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