Majority Want Troops out of Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. An ICM poll carried out for the BBC shows that the majority of Britains want to pull the troops out of Afghanistan.

    Are they reacting to the rise in casualties or have they got a realistic grasp of the situation?

    From this BBC article
  2. One. That all depends on how the question was phrased!

    Two. I assume, Sven, that you listened to the BBC this evening. Both BBC1 and R4 led with the story that "the Americans are asking for another 2000 soldiers and we will probably meet that request"! Twenty minutes later, you start a thread on the second or third news item!

    Three. Strange world.

  3. More than likely it is a selfish motive rather than anything else. With the economy the way it is, they don't want UK taxpayer's money spent on another country when it could be used to pay their benefits.
  4. Another option is that they think that Afghanistan is an 'illegal war', failing to understand that it's a very different situation to Iraq, not least given that UNSCRs 1368, 1373 and 1378 are amongst the most bellicose the UNSC has ever issued... It's quite remarkable how many people have managed to conflate Iraq and Afghanistan as both being opposed by the UNSC, and that may well influence a proportion of those polled.

    The chances of the British public having a realistic grasp of the situation based on most of the coverage they'll encounter is, I fear, rather slim.
  5. Poll of 1000 people - just how "accurate" a guage of opinion one wonders?
  6. I agree with your first point Lilotes.

    As to point two, yes I saw the news - I am reserving judgement as it seems to be a single source and anonymous story (they led the piece with "the BBC has learned . . . .")
  7. The poll is as accurate as Sven's grasp of politics.
  8. I suspect that the question was asked to get the answer, the majority would want free money, free beer and free sex with Kylie Minogue. Just because the majority want it doesn't mean they should get it or that they're right.
  9. Plus of course it depends on the demographics of the one thousand people who were asked.
  10. Since when did the Gub'mint give a flying fcuk about people's opinion anyway? :roll:

    British soldiers will continue to fight and die in Afghanistan until Obama says they can leave. :evil:
  11. The ICM/BBC question seems rather plain and simple:

    Do you think that Britain should or should not withdraw its troops from Afghanistan within the next 12 months?

    On the otherhand, Sven's question is entirely loaded to suit his personal prejudices and opinion. Has it not occured to you Sven that maybe just feel its bad policy?

    More data about the poll:
  12. I don't believe there's a major groundswell of support for keeping troops over there, to be honest.
  13. Whitecity - The graphs and charts above are very pretty however unless the source information is clearly defined then such images are pointless and misleading.

    Were equal numbers of each age and or sex asked? What grouping did the people come from?

    I do agree the question is framed in a nice yes/no/don't know format however.

    The biggest issue is the lamentably small test group, does one thousand interviews equal a realistic national result for a population of over sixty million?
  14. What's the bet they asked a thousand students to get the answer they wanted :roll:
  15. All this means is the majority of Britain’s who aren't bright enough to give someone making a bee line for them with a clipboard a wide birth wants to be out of Afghanistan.

    That sums that up nicely for me.