Major UK mobile TV trial starts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sparkysapper, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. Major UK mobile TV trial starts

    Is there really a need for this service, surely no one is ever that far from from a tv and unless something major happens is the news that important?

    Or is it just me not seeing the point?

    Your thoughts please


    edited to add the link
  2. I must be the odd one out then, i still find a big fcuk off telly better to watch. :)
  3. Why would anybody want to trash their eyesight trying to view a picture thats about an inch and a half square?

    What wrong with phones that just let you talk to another person, without al the rest odf the expensive and useless crap on them. he bl00dy things are too small to allow you to do any of the other tasks well.
  4. Gawd, it's bad enough sitting on the bus or walking through town listening to people saying "Hello, I'm on the bus" and hearing all those stupid ringtones. Imagine all the chavs watching Trisha and the like on their mobiles. Mobiles should be for emergencies only and banned for any other use. And like others have said, what idiot would want to watch TV on a tiny little screen? Specsaves would love it.
  5. Shurely the whole point of going out is so that you don't have to watch TV in the first place! :D
  6. I think its a great idea.

    Being able to watch high quality video where ever you go. No more boring bus or train journeys, no more missing the cricket.

    Mind you I am biased, the bloke 2 desks down from me is running it.

    Our next amazing offer is, wait for it ,, Pictures on the radio!!!

    Just because something is technically possible doesnt mean its a good idea. Mind you as long as they keep paying mee I'll keep uilding it.
  7. The term high quality video doesn't inspire me with confidence when it's displayed on such a small screen, resolution will go straight out of the window. If anybody's got a TV card on their PC, turn it on and shrink the window down to about 35x25mm and see how pants the image is.
  8. Beautiful, just beautiful. Now, mobiles will have to attract a licence fee , no? Now let me see, the how much of the licence fee does the BBC get, and how much does the Government get? What is the digital licence fee?

    The idea is dog's c*ck. There are minature colour TV's around now that do this job better. This is all part of the drive to make mobile phones the "Comms centres of the future" (said in rising voice with full reverb) which is crap. Mobile phone carriers are still trying to find ways of paying for 3G licences , that the Government so royally shafted them over.
  9. They've had this technology in Romania for nearly two years now - so yet again it's another technological breakthrough that we have fell behind in!
  10. RGSM , do you have a link to this? Or better still is there a white paper published?
  11. PTP - Sorry, no link. I was there and a friend of the missus asked us to stop at a bar so he could watch the news on her mobile. Apparantly you can watch quite a few TV channels over there, it's big for soaps and football. It might be a very poor country but they are right up there when it comes to technology. I think Connex is one of the main mobile companies, but Orange have started up out there as well.
  12. Now you've only aroused my curiousity even further RGSM. How did this work I wonder?
  13. PTP - you are bang on about licenses. There's another EU monster doc doing the rounds in Brussels trying to put regulatory controls over all aspects of any media with moving pictures etc. Lots of internet companies are bricking themselves about this, as it risks killing a large chunk of the industry just as it's starting up:
  14. Once played golf with a nice bloke who was in telecommunications, had a good game and at the end when I asked him what he did he said he worked for a company called Hutchieson (sp) communications, and told me if I had some money to spend to buy shares in them. Obviously I milked him dry for booze at the nineteenth then forgot all about it. A few months later was "interested" to read that they had gone public under the name Orange. Diary simply said "Bugger".
  15. I had the Orange TV service for 3 months and it was less than impressive.

    Pic was grainy and the sound kept cutting out even though I live in a good 3G reception area.

    This sort of service is still years away from being viable.