Major Strengths and weaknesses

Filling out my CV for AOSB, having trouble with answering this question: Describe yourself briefly, outlining in particular what you consider to be your major strengths and weaknesses and the following question to bullet point my weaknesses. I dislike talking about myself in general especially in writing. I was wondering what people have listed as their strengths and weaknesses as I'm struggling for ideas. I'm going to tell the truth but I'm also not going to say anything ridiculous.
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This exercise will give the Board an insight into your ability to reflect honestly on yourself - and as with any job interview, you may be asked about this during your interviews with the Board.

My advice would be to reflect on some of the events/achievements you’ve spoken about earlier in the CV and think about:
  • High points
  • Low points
  • Biggest learnings
If you are able to do this on an ongoing basis in your professional and/or academic at the end of the week (or daily if you prefer), it should give you an insight into what your strengths and struggles are. It will also give you an opportunity to think about situations where you have learnt from the weaknesses.

Even if you don’t used this for AOSB it’s a useful tool to utilise in your work regardless.

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