Major Seizure by US Customs

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. Is it just me or should I feel better after reading this as evidence of our diligent federal government protecting our border? I am also shocked beyond belief that one of our "most favored nation" trading partners would do something like this.

    Exercise equipment seized at Savannah port - Bloomberg
  2. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I am saddened that this seizure has prevented cheap machines entering the US, thus stopping some of the "National Balloons" losing a few pounds :)
  3. As to your first point, I'm surprised that it wasn't checked and refused clearance at the point of departure under the CSI. Shenzhen and Shanghai are full participants with CBP agents based there full time and Dalian's a prospective member. Looks like someone did indeed drop a spherical reproductive gland on that one.

    As to your second, most favoured trading nation status applies only to the nation and not the private businesses which shipped these goods, so unless you're alleging that this was a conspiracy of the PRC government to bring democracy down with inferior fitness equipment you can hardly attribute this to one of your most favoured nations. Besides, I thought you were in favour of minimum government interference in people's private dealings? :wink:
  4. My second point was with tongue firmly in cheek. My actual dig was that we afford such status to a totalitarian state like the PRC not to mention that we as a nation cannot stand on principle for more than a nano-second if sufficient dollars or yuen are involved. I am against undue and un-Constitutional interference with US citizens as they lead their lives in the US. I have always believed that, as our Constitution itself provides, two of the few legitimate roles of the federal government is foreign policy and national defense. I believe both of these are at risk in the way the US has kow-towed (;-) ) to the PRC ever since Nixon tried to preserve a place in history for himself by dealing with the murderous and oppressive regime in the first place.
  5. Counterfeit exercise equipment?

    Did it look like a treadmill, but on closer inspection turn out to be black duck tape wrapped round a couple of carboard tubes? ;-)
  6. I wonder if they were actually the second generation target holders?
    Chinese target holder.jpg
  7. Look on the bright side, being marked up at market value would mean that your govt will have charged the appropriate amount of duty.
  8. And which were established across the 37 states not covered by the original Declaration of Independence thanks to the 'murderous and oppressive' way in which the US treated the existing inhabitants of their territory.

    John 8:7.

  9. Don't know about that, but Wal-Mart's latest value brand arc-welder looks a little suspect:

  10. A triumph of the free market, unrestrained by any burdensome regulation from a tyrannical government who thinks it knows best how an arc-welder should safely work.
  11. I have never asserted that we have many peccadilloes in our own history. I was not alive then but I am now and I will speak while I can about the cruelty of the PRC. One does not negate the other. To use your formula, no ARRSER can speak of such things either. Rather silly I think.
  12. I'm more shocked that someone thought those fat ******* in the US actually wanted fitness equipment!
  13. I was also shocked. Usually they go for the latest magic pill advertised on telly that requires no special diet and no exercise.
  14. Now thats funny !!! :):0) :)
  15. I wonder how much coke got through while the CBP guys tried to work out what a treadmill was and where the cup holder went